Aleya’s Ramble on Energetic Discernment

Our awareness currently exists on a bundle of light waves. As we evolve into more conscious sentient states of being we move onto higher vibratory bundles of light. Each bundle of light carries different frequency of consciousness. The desire to evolve into a more conscious, compassionate enlightened being can be a very strong desire. The more conscious we are the stronger the desire for evolution becomes. It can be so strong that we will be willing to do anything to move into higher vibrations, often with that desire we lose our ability to discern what tools serve from a place of love and light and what tools manipulate and control. After many trials and tribulations we eventually move into a vibration where our desire to evolve is no longer blinding, a patience and grace begin to ebb in the heart, and a trust and knowing that evolution, growth, and love, are building in each breath. Once we move into that place of trusting the process our ability to discern, that which serves, and that which hinders, increases.
As I have journeyed on this planet I have gone through these very stages. I now am very discerning about what I bring into my energetic consciousness, the energy that I expose myself to in all dimensions. I suppose you could call me an anal-retentive energy worker. Always looking for the cleanest, most simple, purest process for assisting in the evolution of the mind, body, and spirit.
I receive the information from myself in the future as an Ascended master, from the Ascended Masters, from the Archangels, and from the higher selves of all people I meet and work with. I see everyone as a teacher in all dimensions. Some are holding vibrations of illusion and some are holding vibrations of connection. The protocols that are in the meditations all carry the capacity to move the consciousness of the body and the soul into greater states of connection.
In all of the meditations I am guided to do I ask that all information be sent to your higher self. By sending all energetic information to your higher self you then have the capacity to only receive that which serves you and discard all that you do not need. Your higher self receives this information and then converts it into a vibration that you can use in your own unique way. By relaying this information in this manner you stay hooked into your own healing source and aligned with your own inner wisdom. Essentially bringing the information in for yourself. We tend to listen to ourselves and receive from ourselves much more than from anyone else. Your higher self which is an aspect of you holding a higher vibration (a more enlightened consciousness) holds a wisdom that your mind may not yet hold. Bringing the conscious awareness to your higher self and opening yourself to receive information from that aspect of you increases you ability to be supported and guided.
After many years of holding the healer role and trading with other healers I began to become aware of how I felt after receiving a healing and giving a healing. After many, many sessions of giving and receiving I started to sense that the practitioner I had just received from had somehow left their energy within and or around me. If they were holding a higher vibration this was pleasurable, but if they were not so energetically clean it felt like I had somehow been slimmed. I began to watch my energy during and after sessions with clients and noticed the drop in my energy after particular sessions, or how my clients seemed to stay with me or rather me stay with them for sometimes hours, occasionally days after a session. My formal training as a “healer” was first massage school and then onto becoming a Reiki Master. I then got my Masters in Oriental Medicine and practice Acupuncture for over a decade. All of these healing modalities talk about being a channel for healing. The healer opens themselves up and is literally a conduit for the universal healing energy to pass through them and heal whomever they a re working with. After years of being a conduit and have great success I began to explore other options. The idea of using my body, my channels to heal someone else somewhere deep within me did not sit well. I then turned my awareness to how the angelic realm worked with me. As I observed my own inner shifts, healing, and growth I realized that I was hooked into my own healing source and my Guides and the Ascended Masters very rarely used their energy to transform me. Unless I was on deaths door they would not lay a hand on me. They simply relayed information to my higher self and to my energetic fields. I then would bring the information, healing, and energy into my being in my own unique way. As I practiced this with myself I began to set the energy up differently in my sessions with clients. I began to ask their energetic fields to connect with their own healing source. I then would ask their higher self to actively connect and engage with their own energetic fields, energetic fibers, light body, charka systems, emotional body, and mental body. When I would do this the people I worked with would have much larger shifts that held in their energetic fields. As opposed to many healings when their complaints would resolve a little and then come right back. Now every session or meditation I do sets the energetic frame work so that anyone that is connecting into the energy of the session or meditation connects with their own inner wisdom (we all have some) and their own inner power, thus increasing personal empowerment on all levels.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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