How to Listen

How to get the most out of the Aleya’s meditations and energy sessions.

I recommend listening to no more than three daily cups in one sitting.

Listening Suggestions:

ONLY listen to the daily cups that resonate with you. 

1 a week, or 1 a month, it does not matter. 

You do not need to “keep up” with them. 

They are here for you when you need a little or a BIG boost.

Use a GOOD headset for a more powerful listening experience.

Listen from the heart, not the mind.

Let your Higher Self and your energy self do the work.

Multi-task, space out, or fall asleep as you listen.

Use the daily Cups to prepare yourself for your own deep meditation.

Drop into a deep silent meditation after you listen to the daily Cup.

You can listen to this daily Cup as many times as you wish in the day.

Each daily Cup is timely and timeless.

Here is another page with information about how to listen.

It might help.