The Other Side

Remember the other side?
Where have you come from, and what are you doing?  In the spaces between the light you will find the answers to all of your questions.  You will find your soul where you last placed it.  Your soul has never been lost and never will it be found, for you know where you are in some dimension at all times.
The whales came in dreamtime and I swam in the deep sea, looking for the traces that felt like me.  In the darkness of the sea I felt the rhythm of my heart. Finding the spaces between the light, for the answers of this physical dream.  Too many believe only in one existence, limited by their physical sight.  Close your eyes and dream of all the places that exist when you look through a different screen.  Eyes closed we see all possibilities.  In these possibilities we dream a world that is sweet and kind; that has visions and dreams that fill the heart and mind.  A world that is clean, and filled with love, this is the dream we dream in all breaths.  So journey with us now down the tunnel of light to a reality that has the power of altering all you know.  Adjust your heart and mind into the divine.  We take a deep breath and now fall into the light with delight.  A tunnel of light appears and we travel down through the veils into a hologram called the physical plane, where everyone sleeps in veils of separation, asleep even to their own imagination.  We travel through this tunnel of light to the other side and find ourselves in a body of quite proportionate size.  A deep breath in, and we realize we have arrived in the world of wonder, with wide eyes.  Our mission is to love this planet of beauty and help her birth herself into another realm.  The people hold her consciousness and many will awaken, to serve and assist.  We open our eyes in the light and squeal with delight, everything is so bright.  We feel for the arm, the skin tingles with the shift in perception.  We gather our senses and walk into the cool night air, looking up to the stars to let them know we are here. We wave to our sister the moon. We have come to help this quadrant for the time will be soon, when all hearts will awaken to their own inner song.  We will not be forgotten in this journey that has been so long.  Remember yourself, your heart, in the sky, bring yourselves back together before you die.  The world is changing faster than ever before, get on the wagon or step out of the door.  No one will linger in fear for much longer for these grids of destruction will dissolve into no other than the darkness that created these vibrations of separation.  The new dawn has arisen and we all must awaken.  Step into your hearts, let go of your fear, and journey with those who come from the future, into your breath, here.
We come from the future, our minds are quite clear. We speak of the ways in which all people must share.  This world is a dream created by others, link your hearts together and push through the veils of illusion, together.  Dissolve the veils that separate you from one another.  You are not alone – you have many sisters and brothers.  Link your arms and join one another.  Your fears keep you apart, they keep you in pain.  Remember your perfection and that we are all part of the same.  Everyone is enlightened they have all just forgotten.  They are all in a severe state of amnesia, and will journey each and everyday, looking for a way to remember the song of their soul, and once they have encountered their essence they will linger no more.  Let go of the illusions, the pain that dissolves with each breath, for you are living a dream that will soon explode in the light.  Link your hearts and remember you have the potential to dream our own dream.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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