What is Team?

The Definition of “Team”

Our team are a group of beings who express themselves in another dimension around us. As children we may remember them as imaginary friends. They are at a similar level of consciousness as we are. They are not in the physical dimension; they are in a higher dimension. Everyone has the opportunity to have a team of support and to connect with their team.  

It is all about using the multi-dimensional reality that surrounds us to support us in the physical realm.
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We Are Here to Spiritually Evolve

We are here to spiritual evolve.
Our primary mission, job, and work is to focus on our spiritual evolutionary process. Our definition of spiritual evolution is the process of opening our hearts to the vibration of connection: the peace and state of oneness where we all come from.  

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The Opening of Gaia

The time has come to surrender to the light within and release the illusions of the past and the future. You have seen illusions of this world — only what was wanted to be believed. The eyes will open and the realms will reveal the truth of the chaos and order. The stress of the present will no longer be felt as the realms that are higher descend into this one. The ears and hearts will awaken and from that place a new world will be born.
Much fear traverses the hearts that are not open. There will come a time when the fear is nothing more than a shadow held in the farest reaches of the oceans. The dimensions are merging into one, all beings will live together with open hearts and open ears. It will take a few centruries for all the hearts to awaken, but in time they will. This planet is going through a birthing canal and will enter into a greater quadrant of light. She will breach and roll in delight as her skin is caressed by this warmth and light. She will expand and her heart will awaken in an even more delightful way. This breach and roll like a whale in the ocean will only be felt by those who hold the fear in the heart. Others will feel it as a soft, warm current coursing through their own being.
You have come into this world to guide those who are ready to awaken. Listen to their hearts and in doing so you too will awaken. Your joy is to sit and be at the opening of Gaia.

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Surround Me

Surround Me
You surround me in the air I breathe.
I feel your presence everywhere.
There is nowhere I can’t find you.
I see your smile in all the faces of love.
I feel your breath in all the winds that wash over my skin.
I hear your voice in the spaces between the noises.
You are everywhere.
There is a stillness that creeps inside of me.
There is a warmth that wraps from the inside
of my heart into every fiber of my being.
You are always with me.

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The Time Is Upon Us

The tide rolls in and the dolphin slaps the ocean with its tail. I open my ears after a long silence.
“Are you there?” I ask the ones in the other realms. I sit, waiting, in the silence of the ocean surf.
It is not sounds I hear at first but a presence that surrounds me, like a comforting blanket of love.

“We are here.” They respond. “We have never left your side. All along we have been here, waiting, watching for you to return from your time of silence, which is now over. You held your head high as you sat in the stillness. We took a time of silence so that you could find your voice and hear your tune.

“I think I have, although I much prefer the open sided conversations.”

“As do we. It nice to have you return. In your return you will visit the ocean nearly everyday and the dolphins and now whales will begin to guide you through your next steps. You have been going through a time of integration and we believe it is time for you to ascend, not literally, but to ‘bump it up’ so to speak. Your vibration has dropped since you have arrived on the planet simply because of the environment. You will be creating more opportunities to surround yourself with higher vibratory beings and environments. It is time to move out of the center of town and back to the hills. The time has begun, the quickening is upon us. The higher realms are going to begin shifting in dramatic ways. The time is upon us for the shift and change. Open your ears and quiet your mind, let us write our words of wisdom using your hands. And clearly type the words you hear.” 

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Angelic Beings

The energy beings in the other realms are often referred to as angels. 

These beings have different levels of enlightened consciousness.  Some angels are very wise and hold a high level of connection with the state of oneness, and some hold vibrations of separation – drama, trauma, and pain.  When we refer to someone’s team we use the term angel.  Our team is not necessarily enlightened.  They may be completely clueless and are standing around, hoping you will clue them in.  They may have belief systems and perceptions that they carry with them from past incarnations that they would like to shift, and they are waiting for you to get clued in to the fact that you all are a team.  

Tune your energies into them and see what issues they are ready to shift into a greater level of consciousness. You are not alone. Your ancestors also hold space in your field and their consciousness can affect yours. In order to assist your team, and your ancestors, we must first become calm and still. 

We are never alone. All beings from your pod gather around you in other dimensions at all times. They feel you in every moment.  

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Letting Go

We propel ourselves through space and back in time.  A silent calm in the spaces in between my heart and all that is.  A planet in chaos and calm all at the same time.  How to be in this time?  Quietly, calmly – breathe in and out and wait for the still point of the storm. At that point all will shift there will be an inner rumble within your heart and we shall all burst forth into the light together, not knowing how, why, or when, for all we shall see will be the light of our hearts as they merge forward together.
            There will soon be this time, but until then wait patiently – breathe – to build your space, your strength, breathe in your light and let go of all that no longer serves.  
            Some of you may feel fear…let it go as Gaya (earth) does.  She is releasing her chains of slavery and asks that you do the same.  We request that you too be released from these veils of shame, victim, victimizer for they no longer serve.  Dissolve all emotions that cause suffering, as they do not belong to you anymore.  They are clothes you have outgrown. Give them back to source and be free to use your freedom to choose divine will – love, light, joy and delight.
           Step into the divine power, divine will. Let all words and actions come from the divine heart. Let all emotions find their way back into the heart of the divine. If you feel hatred towards another find where you feel hatred towards yourself.  When you find that place call in your heart that resides in the heart of the divine. From that place let the darkness be filled with light. Do this for all things in your life.
 Our world is merely a reflection of where we have light within ourselves. Fill yourself consciously with light and all shall be light in a very short time. In order to have this change we must feel in our bodies the shift of heaviness to lightness.  When your body feels lighter after this imagery, thought intention, sound, and or touch, know that the shift has taken place. 
                                                     Words from the wise ones in the higher realms.

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The Key

Your physical dimension holds the key to the vibrations that exist in the other dimensions that surround you.  Your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, all of your belief systems, all of your thoughts, all of your fears, all of your joys, all of your enthusiasm, your drive, your will, is determined in the other dimensions that surround you.  We are a hologram of light, of consciousness.  When we acknowledge the presence and the expression of the other dimensions, we have the capacity to change them.
            You are surrounded by beings that exist, and live in other dimensions.  They hold their own consciousness, their own belief systems, their own fears, their own goals.  When you move your core into alignment of their divine essence, you move into alignment with your divine essence as well.
If you have an ancestor who stands next to you in another dimension that is angry, you will be angry. If you assist them in releasing their anger, your anger will shift as well. If someone in your team loves chocolate chip cookies, you will be driven to eat chocolate chip cookies. If someone on your team is plagued by a fear or doubt, you will feel this as well. When we assist our team in releasing these negative thoughts off their physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and dimensional bodies, we too will feel this release.    

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A Journey from Source

We wander from the source of the divine – each lifetime tracking our way back home.  In this time we ask for all of you to gather yourselves together and remember the way home while staying in the physical form.  As you map your way back home while staying in the density of this form you allow for a stronger connection in the physical dimension.  Linking the world of this density into a higher order, a higher realm.  As we shift into this higher realm the possibilities for expanding our reality in a state of connection becomes endless.  The capability for us to serve while in the physical form expands beyond the time space continuum.  It becomes an infinite possibility to shift all worlds into a greater state of connection, expression, in love, light, joy and delight. 
All energies yearn for a greater state of connection and expression in this universe.  Way back when the source of this universe expressed itself in a big bang – the energies expressed had vibrations of connection, with a desire to expand beyond all that had ever been known.  As each molecule of energy that was released from the core of the divine, a magnetic vibration was encoded in all of these energies.  The source holds one magnetic frequency and all that is not in the core of source had a magnetic attraction back to the source, as we evolve and shift some energies turn upside down so to speak repelling them from source.  As we evolve we the power of this magnetic attraction and with our thought intention we can shift the direction of our magnetic attraction back to source.  Those who are repealed by source, divine love, simply have a magnetic flip in their soul.  As those of us who have figured this out we can assist others in shifting their magnetic attraction back to source.   The vibrations of the divine source released themselves all vibration we.  In the expression of these energies magnets bonded to other energies opposite itself.  When this occurred the way back became obscured.  As source evolves and grows stronger expressing itself into the far reaches of it ream the energies that were obscured feel the pull of source and attempt to release the energies that are other than itself.  As we release energies that do not have the same magnetic pull we bring ourselves back into alignment bonding with other frequencies of connection.  As we merge into the state of oneness with other frequencies of connection we begin to get a stronger sense of ourselves.  The clarity that comes when we find ourselves in the magnetic frequency of vibrations that are ourselves shifts our capability of expressing the divine into higher realms.  The joy of the expression of the divine leads us to assist other in connecting to vibrations that are like themselves shifting them into a greater resonance a capability of expressing and expanding upon their divine source.  The infinite expression of millions divine lines from trillions of sources all learning from the journey the mystery of the divine radiant light held within each divine line.  A universe in and of itself with endless possibilities.

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The Other Side

Remember the other side?
Where have you come from, and what are you doing?  In the spaces between the light you will find the answers to all of your questions.  You will find your soul where you last placed it.  Your soul has never been lost and never will it be found, for you know where you are in some dimension at all times.
The whales came in dreamtime and I swam in the deep sea, looking for the traces that felt like me.  In the darkness of the sea I felt the rhythm of my heart. Finding the spaces between the light, for the answers of this physical dream.  Too many believe only in one existence, limited by their physical sight.  Close your eyes and dream of all the places that exist when you look through a different screen.  Eyes closed we see all possibilities.  In these possibilities we dream a world that is sweet and kind; that has visions and dreams that fill the heart and mind.  A world that is clean, and filled with love, this is the dream we dream in all breaths.  So journey with us now down the tunnel of light to a reality that has the power of altering all you know.  Adjust your heart and mind into the divine.  We take a deep breath and now fall into the light with delight.  A tunnel of light appears and we travel down through the veils into a hologram called the physical plane, where everyone sleeps in veils of separation, asleep even to their own imagination.  We travel through this tunnel of light to the other side and find ourselves in a body of quite proportionate size.  A deep breath in, and we realize we have arrived in the world of wonder, with wide eyes.  Our mission is to love this planet of beauty and help her birth herself into another realm.  The people hold her consciousness and many will awaken, to serve and assist.  We open our eyes in the light and squeal with delight, everything is so bright.  We feel for the arm, the skin tingles with the shift in perception.  We gather our senses and walk into the cool night air, looking up to the stars to let them know we are here. We wave to our sister the moon. We have come to help this quadrant for the time will be soon, when all hearts will awaken to their own inner song.  We will not be forgotten in this journey that has been so long.  Remember yourself, your heart, in the sky, bring yourselves back together before you die.  The world is changing faster than ever before, get on the wagon or step out of the door.  No one will linger in fear for much longer for these grids of destruction will dissolve into no other than the darkness that created these vibrations of separation.  The new dawn has arisen and we all must awaken.  Step into your hearts, let go of your fear, and journey with those who come from the future, into your breath, here.
We come from the future, our minds are quite clear. We speak of the ways in which all people must share.  This world is a dream created by others, link your hearts together and push through the veils of illusion, together.  Dissolve the veils that separate you from one another.  You are not alone – you have many sisters and brothers.  Link your arms and join one another.  Your fears keep you apart, they keep you in pain.  Remember your perfection and that we are all part of the same.  Everyone is enlightened they have all just forgotten.  They are all in a severe state of amnesia, and will journey each and everyday, looking for a way to remember the song of their soul, and once they have encountered their essence they will linger no more.  Let go of the illusions, the pain that dissolves with each breath, for you are living a dream that will soon explode in the light.  Link your hearts and remember you have the potential to dream our own dream.

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In the Absence of Fear

For many moons I have waited to share the stories of the light.  Our families wait to lift the veils of separation for all who choose to embrace the light.  As we shift the worlds from duality into one the turning of the tides begins. We find you huddled and scared.  Come into the light little one.  The time of separation is at the end. The new wave has just begun.  Never has there been a time when evolution has been so full of grace and ease, embrace this time and fly free with the waves of the sun.
We come to you from the ocean sharing our wisdom, sharing our grace.  The time is at hand as we sing you the songs of how to release the ways of the old worlds and to embrace the waves of delight that are now offered to you.  So many of you have suffered through lifetimes of agony and despair.  Release these times and memories – allow these memories to activate the wisdom of the lessons the despair brought you, moving you gently into your power, release the ways of the victim, and pick up your wand of light. 
Your perfection can now radiate through your eyes if only you will allow it.  So many talks of the great things to come with this shift we reach out to those of you who are frightened of the change.  Frightened to live without fear, frightened to receive vibrations of love, of bliss.  It is you who we turn our eyes to, our hearts open wide in deep compassion for the fear you hold in your core.  This fear that has fed you and your ancestors for so long now dissolves.  You search for it and in your heart you know it is gone.  In the absence of this fear there is a small light within each of you that burns.
Let it shine bright.

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Returning Home – A Dolphin Poem

They swim in circles, touching the bubbles of my breath.
Hearts pound in unison.
We reach for air – together.
Propelling ourselves through time.
How many moments pass in this timeless space where we are in one breath, one heart?
I find the surface in the darkness.
They surface and surround me.
A warmth touches my cold skin.
Lines of light penetrate the dark waters and in my heart I feel their caresses. In gentle circles we become one.  No time passes.  We breathe the same breath, the same air.  There is nothing but water and skin, fins and flippers, waves touching all that is there, no cares, all is one in this space of weightless water, all love, all one.  Each beat of my heart pumps into the moment when I feel the stillness of the one heart in the water. 
Propelled to preserve and protect the hearts of the ocean, for we are all one in this time and space of all that is.
We come from the oceans and there we shall return.
Our hearts reside in the sounds of the whales.
In their hearts I find my home.  In the darkest hours of the night I slip into the waters that are darker than the night.  I take a deep breath and become one with the ocean, returning home to family.

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The Desire to Change

The worlds that surround us in the other realms have limitless possibilities. We have the capability of tuning our minds into these realms where all solutions for all challenges exist.
Take a few deep breaths into your belly and find a challenge in your life. Feel into the struggle of those vibrations of that situation. Acknowledge the resistance and blocks that exist there. By acknowledging the resistance we can find the solution. Now just for a moment with you imagination feel into a dimension where this challenge has been resolved. 
If you wish to change your life there must first be the desire. Once the desire is established it must be strengthened into a strong will. Once the will is present we must activate divine discipline. With will and discipline we can accomplish anything. Using energy medicine we can strengthen the will and the vibration of discipline.

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When We Are In Our Heart

When we stay in our heart we stay in love.
When we stay in our heart we stay away from fear. 
When we stay in our heart we stand in our power.
When we stay in our heart we feel that in every moment we are guided by the divine love, the divine will, the divine sound, and the divine expression of our essence that resides in the higher source. 
When our team stays in their hearts they are more available to themselves, to us, to the task at hand, and to the soul purpose.
When we stay in our heart we stayed focused, and motivated.
When we stay in our heart we understand that there is a reason for everything.
When we stay in our heart we have the capacity to learn our spiritual lessons from a place of connection, from a place of consciousness.
We call you and your team to gather in this sacred space and place yourselves in chambers of light.
We ask for an opening in the energy fields of your heart and theirs.
We ask for your higher selves that reside in the heart of source to relay to you and your team, grids, templates, and reference points of light that allow you to receive in the physical dimension and all other appropriate dimensions, your divine heart, and your divine connection from that place where you reside in the heart of source to you here.
Imagine a line of light that extends from your heart in the heart of source down to you and your teams hearts.
Activate all grids that support these vibrations to now activate around you and your team.
We ask for an opening in the energy fields of you and your teams heart cords that link you to the heart of source.
We ask for the activation of all appropriate symbols holding unconditional self love to now be activated. 
We ask you and your team to move into the resonance field of unconditional love for yourself, downloading all shapes grids, templates, and reference points supporting these vibrations of moving into the divine flow of your own unconditional love for yourselves.  We ask that you bring these vibrations all the way to your core, and sending them all the way down the grounding cord in the heart of earth and the places of origin, so that you may serve each other from a place of connection, wholeness, and love. 
We ask your team to release all blocks and all inappropriate reference points that prevent them from moving into that place of unconditional self love.  We ask them to step into alignment of the divine flow and receive the fullness of their heart in the heart of source, in all dimensions where they express themselves where they serve.
As they move into this resonance field of unconditional love for themselves they overflow with these vibrations. 
As this love overflows from them it flows into you.
As this love overflows from them it releases all vibrations, cords, and belief systems, that is not of their divine essence off of their memory cell matrix.
We ask for your team to be placed in chambers of light assisting them in holding these reference points, these grids, this flow of unconditional self love for themselves.
As they have mastered these vibrations of unconditional love for themselves, we ask them to relay these vibrations to your energy bodies, activating the appropriate symbols, grids, and templates, in your DNA that assist and allow you to be in the resonance field of unconditional self love. 
We ask you to look deeply into your heart.  In your heart there is a key, a symbol of light.  Bring that symbol into the center of your chest, behind your chest bone.  Imagine holding this symbol in your hands in the center of your chest.  For just a moment send this symbol love.  When this symbol has received enough love it opens like a flower, activating within you the sacred geometric grids that link you into the one heart, the one mind of the divine.
When we are in our heart we are connected to our higher selves.
When we are in our heart we are connected to all of those we have ever loved.
When we are connected we are home.
When we are connected we are not alone.
Feel your team around you.
Feel your heart in theirs, and their heart in yours.
Ask that they stand around you in a circle, holding you and themselves in a place of unconditional love.
From that place breathe.
From that place speak.
From that place love.
From that place be.

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You Get What You Need

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.”
When I long and yearn for what the “little me” thinks I need, in reality what I am yearning for inevitably ends up being what I want, not what I need.
In order to shift the circumstances of my reality, I stop take a deep breath and re-evaluate my reality. Start with Square One: what do I currently have in my life and what am I happy with?  I list out the little to the big things. Next I take a look at what I would like in my life. Additions. From that point I take a look at what kind of a foundation I would need to create in order to manifest these additions.
With this clarity I set up a schedule in each week where I am taking consistent steps for these desired manifestations. Once we have put all of the physical steps together and are acting on these steps it is important to address the mental, emotional, and energetic factors that come into play in order to manifest our desires.

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the easiest, fastest way to increase your vibration and link into a higher dimension, thus shifting your consciousness into a more enlightened state.  In China there is a hospital that is called “the medicine-less hospital,” and every morning everyone gathers in a circle and laughs together.  Imagine what a different world we would live in if everyone started their day laughing.  Try it sometime you may be surprised at what you find. Yesterday while writing about breath I burst into spontaneous laughter. I couldn’t stop laughing, and as I sat on the couch with my lap top I thought wow this is cool, I think I’m having an enlightening moment. My laughing fit lasted about ten minutes and then I felt this incredible calm and joy through every part of my being. Nothing brought the laughter on, I didn’t hear a joke or think of something funny, it just hit me.  It felt like the angelic realm was delivering the message that laughter is the best way to breathe. So laugh on.

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The Heart

If you could live from your heart in each moment, would you?

Being in your heart and living from that place allows you to be in your integrity. When you are in your heart you are in integrity.
How do I know if I am in my heart? How do I get there?

Take a few deep breaths and bring all of your attention and intention into your heart. Ask for the energetic beings that surround you and make up your team to move into their hearts as well. From this place, with your breath, find your inner stillness in your heart. For just a moment imagine yourself floating above earth. In that space feel your heart. Ask for all cords and vibrations that no longer serve you to be dissolved in love and light.
Living from a place of integrity is essential if we with to ascend. When we move into integrity we begin to acknowledge the power and wisdom we carry within our own hearts. Integrity allows us to move into a greater connection with our own divine essence.

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Staying Awake

To stay awake we must breathe.
To stay awake we must constantly be moving into a place of greater consciousness.
Staying awake means that we are conscious of every thought we have, and we have the awareness of the magnetic attraction that thought holds.
Each thought we have creates a magnetic pull.
When we are quiet enough inside we can hear our thoughts and we can tune into see where they are coming from. Is this our thought or is it someone else’s? Is it a thought of someone on my team, one of my ancestors, my mother, my father? What are their thoughts doing inside of me?  
When we bring this awareness into identifying whose thought it is we are thinking and feeling, we then have the capacity of changing the magnetic attraction of vibrations, situations, and incidences in our lives.  
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Working With Your Angelic Team

The angelic realm that surrounds each individual is here to serve. They have a hard time serving when they are still holding onto issues from other times, or other beings.  In order to help your team help you, their energy bodies need to be balanced, cleansed, and cleared. When they are consciously holding only their divine essence, your life radically changes. You are then moved into a greater state of service within your own life. Your issues are no longer the driving force of your evolution. Rather, serving becomes your passion. When we are in that position we walk, breathe, and exist in a state of bliss, overflowing with the desire to share this bliss for the greater good. That is your reference point of where you are headed. You will get there in this incarnation or the next, or the next. Work on your team. It is closer than it appears.
Suggestions and meditations when working with your team:
1)    Call everyone in.
2)    Ask them to ground their energies into their place of origin and then into the heart of earth.  If they don’t know how to ground call in an ascended master in who does.
3)    Ask to connect their energies into the center of source where they reside. Repair all tears and holes their divine line and grounding cords.
4)    Ask your team to move into their hearts and just be with you as you breathe.
5)    Ask for the veils that separate you from your team to gently dissolve. Ask for the light language to be activated within you and your team allowing for divine communication. Ask for the grids to be activated supporting these frequencies.
6)    Ask for all cords to be dissolved off you and your team, from all incarnations in all dimensions, maintaining only an appropriate heart connection.
7)    Ask for all energies that are fused within you and your team be returned to their right and perfect place.
8)    Ask for divine differentiation to be activated within you and your team.
9)    Ask for divine boundaries to be activated around you and your team in all dimensions.  These divine boundaries honor your own energetic integrity and support you and your team from taking on vibrations that are not yours.
10) Ask for reference points supporting divine differentiation, energetic integrity to be activated within you and your teams energy fields.
11) Ask for all fragments that you or your team hold from any incarnation in any dimension to now be returned to their right and perfect place, in a whole and healed state, resonating, and radiating with the appropriate divine line.
12) Ask for all fragments of yourself or your team to be returned from all incarnations, and all dimensions, within and beyond the time, space continuum, to their right and perfect place, resonating and radiating with the appropriate divine line.
13)  Ask for all divine lines that are not yours or your team’s divine line be returned to the appropriate divine line.
14) Ask that any being that is holding any energy of you or your team from any incarnation, in any dimension, now be returned back to you and them in a whole and healed state resonating and radiating only with the appropriate divine line.

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Surround Me

You surround me in the air I breathe.
I feel your presence everywhere.
There is nowhere I can’t find you.
I see your smile in all the faces of love.
I feel your breath in all the winds that wash over my skin.
I hear your voice in the spaces between the noises.
You are everywhere.
There is a stillness that creeps inside of me.
There is a warmth that wraps from the inside
of my heart into every fiber of my being.
You are always with me.

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Dolphins off the coast of Santa Barbara

Their Message

Go in grace and you shall be graceful.
Go in peace and you shall be in peace. 
Go with love and you shall be in love.”

Let go of all that no longer feeds you and free yourself from the chains of fear that are no longer here. Allow your hearts to open wide to your brothers and sisters for as you do this for them you do it for yourself.  As you are gentle with others you in turn become gentle with yourself.  What you act out in each moment sets the momentum of your internal movements.  Treat people kindly, with respect, and gently, as this you shall do for yourself in turn.  If you wish to have love in your life, if you wish to be honored and cherished do this with every interaction and it shall come back to you tenfold.  

Dolphins off the coast of Santa Barbara
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Dolphin Message – Wonder

The water spins a web of light in the dawn.  We dip down into the depths of the sea and from these places we look within to our soul.  We embrace each moment as if it were our first and our last, infinitely present with each breath, each thought.  We spin our webs of light around the world with our songs of love.  Remember the divine for it is all that is real.  
Your heart spreads its arm open to embrace the early morning light that is so still, so real.  In the calmness we speak to her.  Open your eyes and focus on all that is light.  Open your eyes each day, live your life each day as if it were your first, your first breath, your first sight.  By staying in the wonder, the joy of life remains within your heart. You will never feel the pain of the ones who sleep and yearn to awaken.  You will never feel the yearning that tears at them from under the veils of darkness that cover the joy of their soul.  So each day let it be your last, your first, your wonder, your joy.  

Words that came through the dolphins off the coast of Santa Barabara on 11-24-04

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The Formula

There are 3 energies that affect our reality.

We have a Soul Essence. It is that divine aspect of you.

You have a physical human form, your body. Your body is from Earth. It holds a Nature Consciousness.
You have energy consciousness that surrounds you. They are angelic beings that are here to help you. They exist in a higher dimensional realm. They hold a similar consciousness and can act as an energetic buffer and send you information.

When we want to shift an energy in the physical realm we need to make the request to the appropriate energies in the appropriate dimension.

The formula for shifting the energy is as follows…

We invite your Higher Self (that divine essence aspect of you), your Body Deva’s Higher Self (the Nature Consciousness of your physical human form), and your Team (the energy consciousness that surrounds you) to work with your energetic fields and the guides to (fill in the blank with an appropriate request) _____________

Example: locate all responsibilities that you are carrying that are not yours and send them back to their right and perfect place, as well as sending any and all appropriate information to the Higher Selves of the appropriate individuals.

After a request let it happen in your energy fields. Let your Higher Self (that energetic aspect of you) do the work.

Always ask for your reference points to be updated after every protocol.

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Shifting Energy

In order to effect a change in the physical dimension we must request that the blueprints and vibrations in the higher realms shift. As soon as it shifts in the higher realms it is then reflected into the physical realm. When you ask energies in another dimension to shift their vibration, and it is in alignment with divine will it occurs.  The shift in energies in this other dimension affects a change in the physical plane. 

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Conscious Breath

We ground ourselves in every breath. We breathe the breath that links all of our energies into the expression of the physical plane. Without the breath, we would fail to express ourselves in the physical dimension.  The breath enables this projection of energy and consciousness into matter.  The more conscious our breath becomes, the more conscious we become.  The more conscious we are, the greater capacity we have for altering our world.  Holding a conscious space in the physical dimension enables us to shift the vibration in the other dimensions.

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The Power of Sound

First there was sound.
We begin all things by first emitting the sound and from that sound matter is formed. Our spiritual evolution is dependent on sound.  We have the capacity to reach greater states of consciousness simply using sound.  The sounds in which we utilize can take all forms.  Our words become sounds which have the capacity to shape the vibration of our world. When we begin to acknowledge the power of sound we have the capacity to accelerate our process of spiritual evolution exponentially.  When sound is emitted with thought intention, visualization, and love, all vibrations in the physical dimension alter themselves in order to align themselves to the highest frequency present.  
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A sample TALL Cups of Consciousness Session with Aleya.
Recorded on May 10th 2012
Release the struggle and open the heart.

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Surf Your Emotions To Higher Ground

Good Morning. There is a cleaning out the closets kind of feeling in the air today. Emotions may rise up to the surface, and if they do surf them to higher ground. Emotions are energy in motion. If we allow them to pass through us they can literally assist or cells in moving into a higher consciousness. In order for this to occur we must let them flow up and then out. Dive in when they come and surf them to access the vibration you are intending.

If this meditation does not resonate for you today save it in the event that you get a energy in motion wave in the future.

We do the opposite of that which we are intending on mastering until we move to a certain level of awareness. Check out the Flip It Sheet to determine what it is you are intending on mastering.

Breathe into the present.

Ground to the heart of Source and to the heart of Earth.

Think of one emotion that challenges you.

Perceive this emotion like a wave. This wave has the capacity to move through you and move you to higher ground.

Bring in a mechanism that enables you to surf emotions and use those emotions as mechanisms for access higher states of consciousness.

Tone the tone HUUU which helps you increase your vibration and allows the energy to pass through you and shift your cellular consciousness into a more coherent state.

May you surf your energy in motion with grace, awareness, and ease.

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Aleya Toning Concert in Cambria, CA

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Aleya in Toning Concert

I was just in Santa Barbara and did a toning concert. It was a sweet evening. Here is a little clip of the last song. Enjoy. I am singing to Gaia / Earth.

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The Inspiration of the Daily Meditations

I was driving down to San Diego in November of 2008 and was having a discussion with my Guides in the other realms. I was asking them how I could be of greater service in the world. A few moments later I felt their loving presence around me filling me with a hologram of information, emotions, visions, and eventually words… “daily meditations offered on line via e-mail.”

“Humm.” I thought and responded, “that is a good idea.” I thanked them for their idea and began to look at what it would take to deliver that idea in the physical realm.
After a month of discussing the idea with my husband (who is in the physical dimension) and the Guides (who are not) I contacted my web master “genius” Paul Siebels. (Who is the most patient and organized man I know). I told him my vision and we began to dream the idea into being. It took 7 weeks to create the on line subscription program and other webby details. All the while I was wondering how I would be able to maintain discipline and pull off this lovely idea. With shaking knees I began to tune into the energies and bring in sweet, short little meditations. I remember the first meditation I recorded it took me 7 takes to get it just right. The meditation part was not the hard part it was the idea that many would perhaps hear them, judge them, ect… The normal stage fright stuff. Well, I got over that and began to really enjoy tuning into each day and recording bit of wisdom from the Guides, the Dolphins, and of course Earth herself.
Two days before I launched the daily meditations into the world which was February 26th 2009 I was running with my dog Freckles at Padaro Beach. (No I did not name him Freckles, he is a rescue dog and we adopted him in 2006, and I did not think changing his name would help him in his moment of confusion, but he has a secret new name for himself that he has shared with me, Griffin. Which I think is quite fitting). So we are running on the beach and I suddenly get completely winded (unusual) and immediately drop to by belly on the Earth and breathe. After I caught my breath, my eyes are still closed I look with my third eye and see Gaya as an amazing Goddess standing before me. My heart opens and tears swell. I am always so moved to have encounters with her in this way even though every day my hands and feet caress her being. I greet her and asked her how I could be of service to her. She responds with a loving smile and asks that each day I do the daily meditations I do them for her as well. I respond, “I would be honored.” So, in my e-mail subscriber list gaya@earth.com receives an e-mail each morning as well as all those who have subscribed.
Each day continues to be a journey and today I was guided by Gaya and The Guides to begin a daily meditation blog. Journal the insights that come along with the daily meditations.
For those of you who receive the daily meditations it is a true honor to journey with you on this amazing planet / being/ Goddess in these tremendous times of transformation.
Thank you.
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Definitions for the Dantien, Ming Men, and WooQi Energy

In some of my meditations I refer to the three energy centers that are just below the umbilicus.

I am also a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and these are terms used when referring to the internal energetic channels in the body regarding Chinese Medicine. Let me know if you have any further questions. Books that have information about this material would be in Chinese Acupuncture Literature.

This is a book that talks about the Ming Men – Yoga Alchemy by Larry Johnson

I have pasted below a few links with the definitions of these terms.

Dantien – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dantian
Ming Men – http://www.kheper.net/topics/chakras/Door_of_Life.htm
More info – http://www.itmonline.org/5organs/kidney.htm
The woo qi is the energy that is in the center between the Ming Men and Dantien.

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A Day on the Beach with Dolphins

I went to the beach this morning with my dog Freckles and decided to bring my little video camera and just as I arrived the dolphins appeared. I toned, Freckles howled and we all had a glorious time. It was a lovely morning.
Enjoy the clip.

The music that is playing is a little sample of the music I do with my pianist Doron. A rough recording, but it gives you a little feel…

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Mexico Whale Trip

Four amazing days in the Sea of Cortez with Aleya.
A group of 8 ventured 400 miles South of the border to Las Animas to connect with whales and dolphins, to grow, meditate, and transform.

Watch the Film

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Why We Need Bondaries

  • You have an energy field around you.
  • Only your energy should be in your own energetic field.
  • Own your own energetic space and fill it with your own gifts to hold greater protection, integrity, and empowerment.
  • Model right energy to others in your own field.

We are currently living in the form of a human body. Our human body is surrounded by energetic fields. Click here to learn more about the energy fields. Every individual has their own energetic field. Within that field of energy we hold all of our tasks, lessons, gifts, wisdom, mastery, belief systems, and blueprints. It is like a super computer. As we move through our life our energetic fields act like little sponges and have the capacity to pick up energy (information) that can serve us and not serve us. As we evolve we become more conscious of our energetic fields and how to work with them. We are currently living in a world that is energetically unconscious. This leads to many challenges because so many people are not aware of what their energy fields are doing. How often have you connected with someone and they say one thing but then do another. When we are not conscious of our energetic fields we do the exact same thing, our head wants one thing but our energetic fields do another. We want to lose weight but we keep eating cookies. We are in internal conflict. When our energetic fields and our intentions are in alignment then we are capable of doing that which we intend.
The way in which I work with my energetic fields is to have them connect with my higher self (I simply ask for this to happen). (Listen to the meditation for connection to your higher self). My higher self is an aspect of me that knows how to work with my energetic fields. What I hold within my energetic fields is what shows up in the physical dimension. If I want to lose weight I first ask my higher self to bring that intention into my energetic fields. Once it is in my fields I can then follow through with my intentions in the physical dimension.
Why we want only our own energy in our energetic fields.
We each have our own body and like our own bodies we each have our own energetic fields. We only want one soul in a body at a time in order to avoid mass confusion. (There are exceptions…healing, channeling, ect..) Just as we only want one soul in a body at a time, we only want one souls consciousness in ones energetic fields at a time.
When we do not hold appropriate boundaries, i.e. honoring our own energetic space we will then pick up other peoples energies, their tasks, their belief systems, their lessons, karma, ect… We have now very quickly moved into unhealthy territory that I call fusing and co-dependence, instead of being in energetic integrity, holding divine bondaries, and a being in a co-creative relationship.

  • We can only work on our own pieces, tasks, lessons.
  • We cannot learn other peoples lessons for them. We cannot work out other peoples karma within ourselves. Many people try but it does not work.
  • Do not take other people energy / task / lessons away from them. They are using these energies in their life to learn a lesson.
  • The best thing you can do is to model right energy to them.
  • Send them energetic information from your higher self to theirs. Their higher self receives that information and brings it down to themselves in their own unique way.
  • Refer to my blog on empathic sensativity.

When we hold an appropriate bondary we then own our own pieces / tasks / lessons / karma. We do not steal i.e. take on the tasks of others.

  1. We model right energy in our fields.
  2. We show people what to do by doing it ourselves.
  3. We hold our own gifts in our own fields and show others how to locate their own gifts as we do it for ourselves.

Listen to the meditation receiving your own gifts. Or go to this link and scroll down the page until you find the meditation receive your own gifts.
When we hold our own gifts in our own field it is the best mechanism for protection and it prevents us from slipping into spiritual arrogance. People who are arrogant place all of their gifts on others and then ask others to validate them and approve of them instead of them feeling and using their gifts for themselves and showing others how to do the same.
There is a natural energetic bondary around each indvidual, just like we have a natural bondary to our physical human form. We want to honor our own natural energtic bondary so we have the capacity to honor the bondaries of others and not fuse, control, or dribble our stuff all over the place. Hold your energetic container and honor it as sacred. As you honor your own sacred space others will have the capacity to honor you.
When we feel irritated that is one indicator that our bondaries have been crossed. It is our job to honor our own bondary so others will as well. Our internal reality creates our external world.
Receive information from others and the Guides from your higher self. Your higher self calibrates the information in away in which you have the capacity to receive it in a balanced empowering way.

Listen to more guided meditations to help increase energtic consciousness.
You can also sign up for guided daily meditations with Aleya to assist you in staying balanced and clear.

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How to Deal with Empathic Sensitivity

1) Hold discernment that the energy you are feeling is not yours.

2) Invite your higher self to relay all relevant and appropriate information to whomever you are feeling. (You do not need to know what this information is or who it is that you are feeling. Your higher self knows).
3) Release all responsibilities for fixing this person.
4) Model right energy in your field.
Example: If you feel someone’s irritation move into a place of peace within yourself.
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Manifestation in the Physical Dimension

Everything in the physical dimension is an expression of higher dimensional realities. In order to manifest in the physical dimension we must look into other dimensions. In these higher dimensions we look at the vibrations that must shift in order to change the vibrations.
Before we create, we imagine, we build in our mind our dream, from that place the molecules of creation spin creating a grid of light for all energies to fall into. As the grid of light is constructed and the mind, heart, and passion fill this grid with light manifestation is created in the physical plane. When all of the elements (earth, water, wind, and fire) are balanced and activated in love and light and spun within the grids of the desired manifestation. Once the passion, intentions, thoughts, elements are manifest in the grid of light in the dimension of the imagination take it with thought intention into the 21st dimension and have it activated with the crystalline holographic light, dissolving all blocks, and obstructions in all realms off the project at hand. Once the way is clear with the use of the holographic light, request that this grid holding these desired intentions manifest in all appropriate dimensions in divine time. By opening the channels of light into the intended grid (project) all energies can conspire to manifest these desires.

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Aleya’s Ramble on Energetic Discernment

Our awareness currently exists on a bundle of light waves. As we evolve into more conscious sentient states of being we move onto higher vibratory bundles of light. Each bundle of light carries different frequency of consciousness. The desire to evolve into a more conscious, compassionate enlightened being can be a very strong desire. The more conscious we are the stronger the desire for evolution becomes. It can be so strong that we will be willing to do anything to move into higher vibrations, often with that desire we lose our ability to discern what tools serve from a place of love and light and what tools manipulate and control. After many trials and tribulations we eventually move into a vibration where our desire to evolve is no longer blinding, a patience and grace begin to ebb in the heart, and a trust and knowing that evolution, growth, and love, are building in each breath. Once we move into that place of trusting the process our ability to discern, that which serves, and that which hinders, increases.
As I have journeyed on this planet I have gone through these very stages. I now am very discerning about what I bring into my energetic consciousness, the energy that I expose myself to in all dimensions. I suppose you could call me an anal-retentive energy worker. Always looking for the cleanest, most simple, purest process for assisting in the evolution of the mind, body, and spirit.
I receive the information from myself in the future as an Ascended master, from the Ascended Masters, from the Archangels, and from the higher selves of all people I meet and work with. I see everyone as a teacher in all dimensions. Some are holding vibrations of illusion and some are holding vibrations of connection. The protocols that are in the meditations all carry the capacity to move the consciousness of the body and the soul into greater states of connection.
In all of the meditations I am guided to do I ask that all information be sent to your higher self. By sending all energetic information to your higher self you then have the capacity to only receive that which serves you and discard all that you do not need. Your higher self receives this information and then converts it into a vibration that you can use in your own unique way. By relaying this information in this manner you stay hooked into your own healing source and aligned with your own inner wisdom. Essentially bringing the information in for yourself. We tend to listen to ourselves and receive from ourselves much more than from anyone else. Your higher self which is an aspect of you holding a higher vibration (a more enlightened consciousness) holds a wisdom that your mind may not yet hold. Bringing the conscious awareness to your higher self and opening yourself to receive information from that aspect of you increases you ability to be supported and guided.
After many years of holding the healer role and trading with other healers I began to become aware of how I felt after receiving a healing and giving a healing. After many, many sessions of giving and receiving I started to sense that the practitioner I had just received from had somehow left their energy within and or around me. If they were holding a higher vibration this was pleasurable, but if they were not so energetically clean it felt like I had somehow been slimmed. I began to watch my energy during and after sessions with clients and noticed the drop in my energy after particular sessions, or how my clients seemed to stay with me or rather me stay with them for sometimes hours, occasionally days after a session. My formal training as a “healer” was first massage school and then onto becoming a Reiki Master. I then got my Masters in Oriental Medicine and practice Acupuncture for over a decade. All of these healing modalities talk about being a channel for healing. The healer opens themselves up and is literally a conduit for the universal healing energy to pass through them and heal whomever they a re working with. After years of being a conduit and have great success I began to explore other options. The idea of using my body, my channels to heal someone else somewhere deep within me did not sit well. I then turned my awareness to how the angelic realm worked with me. As I observed my own inner shifts, healing, and growth I realized that I was hooked into my own healing source and my Guides and the Ascended Masters very rarely used their energy to transform me. Unless I was on deaths door they would not lay a hand on me. They simply relayed information to my higher self and to my energetic fields. I then would bring the information, healing, and energy into my being in my own unique way. As I practiced this with myself I began to set the energy up differently in my sessions with clients. I began to ask their energetic fields to connect with their own healing source. I then would ask their higher self to actively connect and engage with their own energetic fields, energetic fibers, light body, charka systems, emotional body, and mental body. When I would do this the people I worked with would have much larger shifts that held in their energetic fields. As opposed to many healings when their complaints would resolve a little and then come right back. Now every session or meditation I do sets the energetic frame work so that anyone that is connecting into the energy of the session or meditation connects with their own inner wisdom (we all have some) and their own inner power, thus increasing personal empowerment on all levels.

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The Whales Voice

The ocean as it flows and caresses the skin of the earth, we feel the weight of the water, how she spins and the pull of the weight, the movement of the earth, shifts with the cycles of the moon. We feel into the deepest recess of the oceans where no light exists and we feel the richness of this darkness and the gentle grumble of the earth, the quiet crackle of the sea. In this stillness we write to you. Where the weight of the waters crush all that is not real. The silence is so pervasive only the words of truth are heard. From these depths of silence we speak and hope that from this still place you will be able to find the truth in our words.
We have existed for eons beyond the time and place of all that is. We are the library the resources the wisdom of all that is in this galaxy. We have traveled through this universe and beyond. We have the ability to shape shift and wander through time. We know where to find the light and how to reveal the light into the darkest of places. That is why we present ourselves in the way we do in this world. We are the largest being on this planet. In these times of darkness we hold the greatest light and our size is so that we are not missed and overlooked. We hold the connections of all that is. We reside in the waters which is 70% of this planet. We hold the frequency of the planet. With our sounds and our hearts we shift the consciousness gently for humanity to slowly evolve.
There is a time now of transition, all who are awakening now and choose to see the changes are aware of these changes. People are shifting very quickly now. There will come a time when all will look within for there will be no other place to look and in their darkness they will see a small glimmer of light, and in that moment they will remember the light from which they came. In that remembrance they will shift. The sounds we emit will shift them into these places within themselves. There will be a shift in consciousness. The devastation that all talk about is the devastation of the separation they have carried. It shall break away and they shall be left standing in the light. There will come a time when we will all stand in the light. Hold that vision everyday for humanity and one day it shall be. The earth will rumble as she shifts and leaves the places of separation. Do not be alarmed this will be happening to you as well. The destruction is now the destruction of destruction.

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The Power of Sound

By the regular use of a particular sound or sequence of sounds, the body can obtain mental, emotional, and physiological changes. A mantra sung, spoken or hummed regularly will induce a change in the human body. Harmonious music actually assists in rearranging the electronic substance of our body that has been distorted through negative thoughts, words, feelings and actions. It brings our four lower bodies into alignment and at the same time expands the harmony of the entire universe. Playing harmonious music daily will raise the vibrations in our homes, therapy rooms, or any environment.
Sound has been used in many cultures to change and move energies. For example, Mayan balls can clear an aura. When shaken next to a part of the body where energy is blocked, the balls do not sound, but continue to shake the balls and it moves the energy. Chinese balls also can move energy within the body.
Temple bells are used to encourage the focus of energies on spiritual matters. Music can heal, but remember, many illnesses bring a message of spiritual growth. Once that has been accepted and understood. the illness can disappear.
All the various music instruments affect us differently. For example, drums, gongs, tambourines, and triangle, affect the lower chakras and the physical body. In the past, soldiers marched to war behind beating drums. The noise of the drums gave them courage. Stringed instruments, such as violins, cellos, and harps calm the emotions and wind instruments, affect the emotional body. Organ music brings in the Angelic forces. Great music can change habits and release childhood memories. Some of the music today is often in the key of F and can produce a sense of harmony and relaxation. However, inharmonious music, actually shatters the pole of the matrix of electrons and causes negative reactions, both to our bodies and in our environment.
Rock music is known to stir up the lower astral, affects the ear drums, and pituitary gland, and when used together with drugs can make people disoriented and ill–at the same time breaking up the etheric envelope which protects the physical body.
Everything created, from the smallest cell to the solar system, has a keynote of its own. The planets, including our earth has its own sound. We each have our own sound as well, and there are a few people who can tune into this sound, but it carries a great responsibility. The Ancient Egyptians were said to work on an individual s notes to re-harmonize them and create a melody of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Beings who are highly evolved speak of the Harmony of the Spheres, an experience they find hard to describe, except that it is of such beauty and wonder. The Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov spoke of it in awe. He called it the Music of the Spheres.
When we sing certain sounds with a particular color focused over a chakra center, the energy within and around us changes. The body starts to resonate on a higher vibration, but that depends on your intent and concentration. Over a period of time, noticeable changes will take place. You will have more energy and a heightened intuition, but it must be practiced regularly.
These methods have been handed down through the ages. In Tibet the monks in the past practiced these methods and found them most effective for their spiritual development.
Base (First) Chakra
KEY of C
Color Red
Sound LAM
Think of a beautiful, clear red. This links with the base chakra. Feel this color swirling in and through you, and sing LAM in the key of C. Think of the earth–how it nourishes and feeds you. This color with the sound dissolves fears, and gives you courage, strength and energy.

Sacral (Second) Chakra
KEY of D
Color Orange
Sound Vam
Think of a lovely, bright orange and link this to your sacral center. Feel yourself become energized and feeling full of vitality, sing VAM. Now think of your relationships, release any sexual frustration, or specific trauma into the sound, release any resentments, ask the forces of light to protect you and open you to your creativity.

Solar Plexus (Third Chakra)
KEY of E
Color Yellow
Chakra Sound Ram
Surround yourself in a glorious golden yellow and place your attention over the solar plexus, Sing RAM. This center is your power center. Ask the inner power to balance your will and feelings. Release any suffering into the color and sound. Any long-standing pain, feel it go. They are only energies we have hung onto -anger and unforgiveness. Let the past melt into the light as you sing RAM.

Heart Chakra (Fifth)
KEY of F
Color Green
Sound YAM or Ahha
This center is linked to the Soul. When we direct our energies to the lower centers when we fall in love we become unbalanced. When we direct them to the higher centers, we rise in love, become devoid of judgment and guilt, and love is unconditional. Sing YAM with the color green and strengthen the immune system. You will realize that the more you give, the more you receive. Feel the energies strengthen the whole body and open the mind to joy.

Throat Chakra (Fifth)
KEY of G
Color Blue
Sound HAM
This is the center of sound. When this center is congested one can suffer from a sore throat, stiff neck, or ear problems. Think of blue and sing the sound of Ham. Ask for help to express what you really feel, so that words flow easily and you feel all tension leave.

Brow Chakra (Third Eye, Sixth)
KEY of A
Color Indigo
Sound OM
Sing OM with the color of indigo. This is a dark blue with violet undertones. Breathe in your vision–use it wisely–for what we visualize with sound and color in this key will manifest. You are the creator of your circumstances.

Crown Chakra (Seventh)
KEY of B
Color Violet or White
Sound Aum or EEEE
This center vibrates to the key of B with the color violet. The sound and elements within your being vibrates to the sound of AM. Know your essence is within you.

Written by an unknown individual.

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The Reflection

We propel ourselves through space and back in time. A silent calm in the spaces in between my heart and all that is. A planet in chaos and calm all at the same time. How to be in this time? Quietly, calmly – breath in and out and wait for the still point of the storm, at that point all will shift there will be an inner rumble within your heart and you shall all burst forth into the light together, not knowing, how, why, or when, for all you shall see will be the light of your hearts as they merge forward together.

There will soon be this time until then wait patiently, breath – to build your space, your strength, breath in your light and let go of all that no longer serves. It shall not be long when all around you – the others will only see darkness and you will only see your light. There will be a time when all you will see is sadness, and yet all you will feel is joy. For the end of the time of separation is near.

Some of you may feel fear – let it go as Gina (earth) does. She is releasing her chains of slavery and asks of you to do the same. We request and ask that you too request to be released from these veils of shame, victim, and victimizer for they no longer serve. Dissolve all emotions that cause suffering they do not belong to you anymore. They are clothes you have outgrown. Give the back to source and be free to use your free will to choose divine will – love, light, joy and delight.

Please step into the divine power, divine will. Let all words and actions come from the divine heart. Let all emotions find their way back into the heart of the divine. If you feel hatred towards another find where you feel hatred towards yourself. When you find that place call in your heart that resides in the heart of the divine. From that place let the darkness be filled with light. Do this for all things in your life.

Our world is merely a reflection of where we have a lack of light within ourselves. Fill your being consciously with light and all shall be light in a very short time. In order to effect this change we must feel in our bodies the shift of heaviness to lightness. When your body feels lighter after this imagine, thought intention, sound, and or touch, know that the shift has taken.

Very few can do this work for the masses. If you are reading this a feel a shift in your heart, mind, and or body know that you are one of the few who have chosen yourself to be one of the chosen few to affect this change. Please continue and or begin.
The time is upon us.
Let it be so.

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Cetacean Words

Taking things personally simply allows for an inflation of a false self – be it positive or negative.
This false self is what people call the ego. When we take things personally it empowers this energy which ends up taking energy away from the core of ones being. When it happens enough, the people begin to become hollow. Their core is no longer filled with their true identity that resides in the heart of source on a conscious level. This false sense of ego begins to become what the people identify as themselves. Taking something that someone else says or does personally fills the outside of a being. As opposed to tuning into the energy that resides in ones heart and from that radiating the truth of who you are. When they say something that reflects back to you your divine essence it merely resonates as true. It does not enlarge your core being. Your core is your core. The expression of your core will change in each breath but your core that resides in source will only continue to move into a greater state of connection with each moment of your evolution.
Focus on your core and know that this vibration of you is truer than any words could ever be.
Your divine essence can only be known by you when you drop your intention into your core to feel this radiant being of who you are in the heart of source. Dropping into this essence of you should be done several times with your breath, your imagination, and calling in your higher self to remind you of your perfection that is struggling to express itself amidst all the vibrations of separation that do not even belong to you.

We are beings from all over the universe who have converged here in this fold of the universe to speak our messages of truth to those who are beginning to remember their origins from the light. This remarkable time in this fold of this dimension is an in credible time to advance ones spiritual journey. We are all beings in the process of an exponential spiritual evolution. We are beings who have chosen to incarnate at this time to hold the light for all who have lost their way to find their way back into their hearts. We are here to hold the light for the ones who have lost their way. Enough are here now to hold enough light to guide those who have forgotten their light to their right place once and for all.
Let their separation end with light, end with grace and delight.

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Dolphins off the Coast of Santa Barbara

“And so it begins and so it is. Hello, to the ones who journey. We have come in peace to spread the peace. We deliver the messages that so many hearts hunger to hear. The message of love in the eternal flame. All those who awaken now will be entitled to the higher realms here on earth. The crack of thunder, the flame of fire shall cleanse and purify the soul, use these “disasters” as a time to utilize the power of the elements for an inner cleansing of the mind, body, and soul. Let go of all that no longer feeds you and free yourself from the chains of fear that are no longer here.

Allow your hearts to open wide to your brothers and sisters for as you do this for them you do it for yourself. As you are gentle with others you in turn become gentle with yourself. What you act out in each moment sets the momentum of your internal movements. Treat people kindly, with respect, and gently, as this you shall do for yourself in turn. If you wish to have love in your life, if you wish to be honored and cherished do this with every interaction and it shall come back to you tenfold. That is our message today – Go in grace and you shall be graceful. Go in peace and you shall be in peace. Go with love and you shall be in love.”

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Dolphin Dialogue One

We swim spinning all chakras to clear the field. We emit the sounds of love from our hearts and we squeal. The distance between us is so very small in these moments of bliss that we share. When the water and the air become one. When the worlds and dimensions merge into sound. Those who awaken now will be blessed with such tremendous light. We eagerly await the day when all hearts sing together as one. Much preparation has occurred in these times of desperation. For we all yearn to gasp the air that is filled with light with love.
The times of darkness is upon us, and yet from this moment forward it will become no darker. The transitions are at hand and the turning of the tide has begun. There will be no devastation. Too many have yearned for a different way, enough work has been done. We swim around you and remind you of the importance of play. For when you play with your heart wide open it shifts the realms you live in. The play links the lower worlds into a greater state of connection with the divine. If everyone put down their briefcases and guns and played Frisbee, golf, catch, kick the can, tag, hide and seek, we would shift the forces of mass destruction into puddles of light.
So, our message today is, put it down and play.
We love you, we thank you for stepping aside, for playing with us today, and for allowing our words of love, light and joy to come through you, without you.
We swim in a sea of bliss and offer the same to all of you.
Let it be.

Dolphin Dialogue Two
I open my energy fields to the wise words of the cetaceans. I wait and breathe. From this place of stillness I ask for the activation of my energy body that links into the hearts of the whales and dolphins. I begin to spin feeling them come into my heart. The base of my skull begins to tingle. I hear their breath on the water.
We wrap ourselves around her and wait for her mind to shift into another dimension where we are one. A grid of light begins to extend through her and activate every fiber of her being into the light. From this place she can feel the wetness of the water on her skin, we begin.
Our sounds fill every molecule in the oceans. As we transmit our sounds of love and light the veils between the worlds dissolve and beings who carry the wisdom within their hearts incarnate within the sea and the land for the shift is upon us and we are all moving into a greater state of connection with each conscious breath. The to evolution lies in the breath that is taken from the heart and given from the heart. As we breathe the breath that links us to our creator we dissolve the veils of separation that create the illusions of death and dis-ease. All vibrations that still exist upon the land that hold separation, dis-ease, are illusions that have assisted the spirit in its evolution up until now. When all the patterns for evolution now change. We are shifting our way of evolving from places of separation to places of connection. We will now be more motivated by love than fear, a relief for many, a disconcerting for some. As all these grids and patterns shift within the evolutionary template of humanity we stand by holding much compassion in these times of change. Let our words be of comfort for the souls who embrace this change. For those who do not wish to change – good luck. For you will find that the higher aspects of yourself will override your fear and your comfort in pain. You will be shifted into a greater state of bliss for the wave is behind you. Enjoy the ride and play.

Dolphin Dialogue Three
There will come a time when everyone will journey inward. These moments of reflection into the inner light will reveal more treasures than in any other time. The process of looking inward begins from a place of stillness, finding the inner calm amidst the turbulent waters of the soul. To look inward requires much courage for there is a fear in all beings that if we look and we do not find, that the illusions of separation from divine are true. Fortunately they are not true for anyone anywhere. This illusion was set up before time began. The process of dissolving these illusions of separation within the soul is the process of evolution for human kind. As we link our cellular tissue with the divine our consciousness shifts and we begin to perceive life through a different lens. The light on the planet is shifting as well into a greater state of connection. As we perceive this light which comes from the sun it shifts every cell in our bodies into a more vibrant state of being. The sun plays an integral role in the evolution of all beings incarnate on this planet in all of the dimensions where we exist. As we consciously tune into the evolution of our souls we accelerate the process of shifting from a place of separation into a place of connection.
Dolphin Dialogues Four
There comes a time when the separations we thought were so real dissolve in the blink of an eye. You breathe the breath of water and realize it is air in this moment of realization there is a calmness that wraps through every fiber of your being and we surround you in each moment of your despair. The difference between the light and dark is merely in ones point of view. Despair can tear or it can reunite. Set the intention and all becomes delight. We knew there would come a time when you would feel the world from a different angel. The shift into a higher realm is inevitable now.

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Living Moment to Moment

Spoken by The Guides written by the hand of Aleya Dao

(This transmission has holds energetic activations, enabling these energies to activate in your field if you intend).

There comes a time in ones life where all that has been sought after no longer holds any meaning. At that moment the soul has a choice to continue on the path of seeking and finding no fulfillment in empty things or to choose a path of meaning and strength. If a soul chooses the path of meaning and inner strength all doors open and grace is entered into. Finding a path of meaning cannot be found using the mind, it must be found thru the eyes of the heart. To find the path of the heart one must surrender all that one knows and walk into the unknown with an open heart and trust. Letting go of all the fears of the small mind. When the soul chooses this door a path appears and the only thing that is “known” is the step one is taking. One must stay in the present moment, for if one jumps ahead just half a step the path becomes unclear. In this moment-by-moment existence trust is built within oneself, an inner strength and inner knowing grows.
Allow the ears to open to the wise energies that are abound and guidance is given for the moment at hand. When questions arise send them to the energies within yourself that “know” and allow the clarity to appear from the higher realms. In this moment simply turn your ears to a higher vibratory sound as if turning the dial on your radio station to your “soul station”. As you turn your ears to this other worldly sound, lightness may wash over you, a heart opening may be sensed in this very moment, stillness may begin to grow within you. Hold your intent to listen to your Guides, and to the Divine aspect of your soul. Allow for a transmission of information to occur. This information will not hold words but a sense invisible to the mind. As you allow this sense to flow within and around you, place all the questions and struggles that imprison you into this flow. Let the flow of energy that wraps around you take these energies into another realm where the solutions can form and come back to you with clear solutions that guide from a place of integrity wisdom, abundance and joy. Your clearest answers lie inside your heart. Creating a place of stillness so you can hear these simple yet profound answers is essential. To still the heart follow your breath for just a few moments, notice the rise and fall of the shoulders and the belly. Feel the air as it passes through your nose, your mouth, and your throat. Ask that all the sounds of the world silence so you can hear the sound of your soul as it emanates from your core. In between the breath your soul breathes the answers that your heart yearns for.

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Steps for Healing Issues

Before you begin any process call upon the Ascended Masters for their assistance and guidance.

  • Step One: Take a deep breath. Identify and or locate the issue by tuning into the emotion that is arising or the pain your body is experiencing.
  • Step Two: Ask for an opening in the energy field of all the pain or emotion that has come into your consciousness and is now ready to be cleared. Example – ask for an opening in the energy fields of your low back, or all of the fear you are experiencing. By asking for an opening in the energy fields of an issue it creates an opportunity to shift the energy into a higher frequency (a higher degree of consciousness).
  • Step Three: Once you have identified this energy ask a question and allow yourself to feel, sense, or hear the first answer you get. Ask the question “Is this energy, pain emotion mine or someone else’s?” What is your first hit? Someone else’s – Ask that it be lifted off of your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies,and returned back to it’s right and perfect place. If your sense is that it is yours follow Step Four.
  • Step Four: Clearing an Issue that is yours. This energy, pain or emotion has presented itself in your life or in your body in order to teach you a spiritual lesson. The task now is to discover what that lesson may be. Remember that if an issue, pain, or emotion does not clear it may not belong to you. You may be caring a parents, lovers, partners, friends issue in your energy body, you cannot clear or heal something that is not yours. Ask that it be sent back, call upon the angelic realm to assist you in lifting it off of you and your team. If it still does not clear check to see if you have made an agreement to carry this persons lessons, task, pain. If that is the case we suggest that you take a moment to check an see if this serves you or them. When we carry other peoples issues we disempower them. We are literally energetically stealing their energy, their lessons, their pain. People will create difficult situations in their life in order to learn different spiritual lessons, complete karmic agreements, and soul tasks. Give it back to them. It does not belong to you and you cannot fix what is not yours. It will only make you sick and make them angry – because you are taking something that belongs to them. If this agreement or pattern can shift with your thought intention by calling upon the Lords of Karma, your higher self, the higher self of the person you have a contract with. Imagining all of the energies present ask that all agreements, contracts, and or Karma of caring the lessons, pain, or tasks of another now be released off of you and your teams, physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies form all incarnations, in all dimensions. Ask to now be only responsible for your own spiritual lessons, karma, and tasks, no one else’s. Ask that your team only be responsible for their own tasks, lessons, and karma. After you have cleared this agreement, check the issue, emotion, or pain, and see if it has shifted a bit or is it the same. If it is the same we need to continue probing for the root of the issue, if it is gone – good job you are done until the next layer arises, if it is a little better but not gone, continue to the next step.
  • Step Five: If you are experiencing physical pain allow yourself to enter into the pain go deep down into the center of it and breathe. Ask for the emotion that is being held in the pain to come up to the surface, sit in stillness, waiting with a patient heart until the first emotion arises. When that emotion comes up sit with it and allow it to flow through you like a wave. Emotions are energy in motion, allow it to move through you and ask for your emotional body to calibrate into a place of balance as this wave of energy passes through. If the emotion is grief ask yourself the following questions; what is the grief around? wait for the response that lies deep inside you. Example: I have grief/sadness in my lungs. (manifesting as a cough, and cold) “What is the grief around?” Listen for your first sense of what it is. “I feel like no one understands me.” The response, and if no one understands you check to see if you understand yourself, or ask the question “how does that make you feel?” Response; “Alone.” Question: “If you are alone, how does that make you feel?” Lonely and sad, no one loves me, no one cares enough or loves me enough to understand me.” At this point you now have the spiritual lesson you have been looking for. Ask the question, “what is the opposite of being unloved?” Answer, “Being loved.” The spiritual lesson has been brought in and the grief has lead us to the place where we are asking ourselves to love ourselves more deeply. With that clarity ask for the appropriate sacred geometric healing chambers of light to come in, in the appropriate order holding the intention of activating the crystalline consciousness mastery over the divine flow of unconditional self love. Ask for your receptor sites to calibrate to receive you own unconditional self love from above. Imagine standing in a waterfall of light and love that comes from your higher self and from yourself that resides in the heart of Source. Allow this energy to flow into you and ask that all of your grids and reference points be updated holding this conscious level of Mastery within yourself.
  • Now check the emotion/pain/issues and observe the shifts and changes that have occurred with in and around you.
  • Step Six: Ask that you be wrapped in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate for your spiritual evolutionary state. Thank your team, the guides, and your higher self. Let it be so.
  • All physical and emotional pain is a spiritual lesson waiting to happen.
  • We do the opposite of what it is we are attempting to learn or Master.
  • Follow your fear, your pain, into the spiritual lesson. Allow your fears to guide you into the lesson. (The spiritual lessons are underlined)
  • Example: I am afraid I will get sick. If I get sick what is the worse case scenario? I will have to slow down. I will have to surrender. I will have to take care of myself. Unconditional self love. I will have to be still. Be present. I will have to be present with myself. I am afraid of being present with myself. What is it that I am afraid of seeing? I am afraid I will see how powerful I really am and I have been hiding behind the walls of weakness so I never have to step into my power. Empowerment. What is it that I am afraid of if I step into my power? I am afraid I will fail? Do I feel like I am already failing? Yes. Is it that I am afraid to succeed because I do not know how that will feel? Is it that I am afraid of the unknown? Yes. Faith, trust, and knowing that I will be taken care of.
  • Solution: With that clarity ask for the appropriate sacred geometric healing chambers of light to come in, in the appropriate order holding the intention of activating the crystalline consciousness mastery over the Surrender, unconditional self love, mastery over being present, personal divine empowerment, divine faith and trust in the divine. Ask for Mastery allowing for all reference points, grids, and relationships to align and calibrate for this Mastery. Let it be so.
  • I have now activated the spiritual lessons and therefore my fear of being sick dissolves, my magnetic attraction to call in this sickness releases. I practice what it is I wish to Master as opposed to doing the opposite of what it is I wish to Master.
  • Allow your imagination to guide you into all the spaces where the spiritual lessons lie waiting to be activated, cleared, and shifted into enlightenment. (The conscious awareness of connection.)
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What is Happening on Earth Right Now

The ringing in my ears reminds me the angles are wanting a word with me. I turn my awareness into the other worlds and open my heart waiting, watching feeling for the energies, information, and transmissions they are intending to relay to me.
These are the words I hear.
In the stillness lies a breath that has the power to awaken the sleepiest soul. We are in a time when all will awaken. There are no souls upon this Earth who at a core level do not choose this awakening, that is why they have come. The struggle, pain, and suffering that are appearing in this world is a clearing, a detoxification that is needed, and it is time. The end of the calendar that the Mayans and many others have spoken of is simple an end of one cycle and the beginning of a new. The North Pole is beginning to energetically shift and energetically align with a planet that governs peace and harmony. For the last 168 thousand years the North Pole has been energetically aligned with a planet has governed war and chaos. The year 2021 is when the alignment with this planet of peace will complete. The Earth and all beings on the Earth are currently experiencing a shift in their consciousness. As we complete one cycle we let go of an old way of perceiving and being. We shift from one consciousness that supports belief systems of lack and separation into a consciousness of connection, balance, and abundance. This shift can be uncomfortable for those who are very attached to these old energies. It can create a tremendous amount of discomfort and disorientation. The structures that have been supported by these old energies are now literally crumbling and collapsing. This crumbling of the old enables the rise of new support structures that are grounded in a higher consciousness and more connected belief systems. The way of the mind and unconsciousness is ending. When we perceive suffering shift your eyes and heart and ask, the question “What at a soul level is being learned”? Each one of use creates and chooses the reality that will help us with the souls piece we are determined to master. None of us are victims, we may play that role to master empowerment but we all call in our lessons. At a soul level we are determined to master certain pieces in our incarnation. We will do whatever it takes to master it. If we do not get the lesson with the first whisper we have another opportunity with a nudge, each time the situation arises our soul is presented with an opportunity to grow. If we choose to ignore or resist this lesson the lesson gets bigger and bigger, typically it becomes more and more uncomfortable. As we come to the end of this cycle there are certain lessons we must master before our soul moves into the next level of consciousness. The lessons come faster and harder. Without tools this can become very uncomfortable, sometimes deadly. If you find yourself in a life with more opportunities for growth than you have tools for it may be time to gather a new set of tools. The tools I work with may help you master your lessons with greater grace and ease. They will help you grow and evolve consciously instead of unconsciously.

Here are seven principles that will help you bring in belief systems that will help you shift from one consciousness into a higher consciousness.
1) You are never alone. There are beings in other dimensions surrounding you. They are called your “Team”. They can help you, they can hinder you. Connect with your team.
2) Your internal reality and the dimensional consciousness that surrounds you, creates your external reality. What you call into your life is help within you, or within the energies in the other dimensions that surround you. Learn how to shift the energies in the other dimensions and within yourself in order to change that which is appearing in your life.
3) You are responsible for your position in the physical dimension. You have the power to move all energies in the other dimensions into more coherent states. As you make these requests for the energies in the other dimensions to shift the physical dimension moves into a more coherent state.
4) We are moving into unity consciousness. We are moving from a consciousness that is dualistic, good versus bad, into a consciousness that perceives that everything is just energy. All moments of conflict and challenge are actually opportunities to embrace an energy, learn from it, grow from it, and evolve into a more conscious being.
5) We are electrical and magnetic beings and we are influenced by the electromagnetic energy on this planet.
6) Sharing accelerates your spiritual evolution.
7) You are perfect. Your essence is perfect.

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Between the Spaces – Words from the Angelic Realm

We come to you in dream time, from the spaces in between your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams. In this space where all is light, all is love, we whisper to you the ways to shift gently and let go of all the pains of the world. This too shall pass.
We come to you in your moments of need, and we breath to you the breath of connection. In this breath you fill yourself with all the magic of your soul. From above and below we swirl a web of light linking every fiber of your being into a place you know as home. A home where all nourishes you, where you are filled with your own divine light. We gather around you and remind you from where you have come. The peace of this place, the joy, and we ask you to bring this home here, where all will shift as you move yourself into the light. Gather the love from above into your heart and radiate these vibrations to everyone by being, breathing, your divine perfection. How perfect every fiber of your being is to those who sit on the other side of this veil. We who reveal in the way the light passes through you into us. We send you these waves of love and light and in each breath they wash back to us a hundred times stronger, filling our heart with the love of the divine. We watch you in each moment knowing that each breath you take, each thought you form, comes from a place of connection, a place of love. These vibrations transform all we have known into the light, into delight in the physical form.
You are never alone.
Words from the other side, all in love, all in light.

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Aleya’s Suggestions for Life on Earth

Suggestions from Aleya for Living a Healthy Happy Life

  • When you wake in the morning think of one quality you wish to practice and eventually master. Ask that you are placed in a sacred geometric shape that supports that quality and as you go through your day allow yourself to be aware of opportunities that allow you to show up and practice what it is you wish to Master. Example: I wish to practice compassion. I ask that I am placed in the sacred geometric shape that support this vibration. As I shower I begin by practicing compassionate thoughts towards myself, and if I notice a thought that is not compassionate or kind I replace it with a positive one. Hold an intention at the beginning of everyday.
  • Spend a few moments everyday connecting with Nature. (If you are surrounded by concrete connect with a plant, an animal, or allow yourself to connect with the sky, and the spirits in the clouds.
  • Drink clean / filtered water. (32oz. for every 50 pounds of body weight a day.) Add 24oz. for every cup of coffee or shot of espresso.
  • Eat clean, unprocessed food. Only drink 4oz. of liquid with each meal.
  • Use discernment with or if possible avoid Television. When we watch T. V. our energy bodies become congested, or third eye distorted, and our reference points flipped. If you do choose to watch T. V. I recommend a salt bath after to clean the field, meditation, toning, singing, a bit of time in nature, or aroma therapy to clear your field.
  • Take a moment every morning to be in gratitude for another day. Another day to have an opportunity to spiritually evolve in an amazingly rich terrain of spiritual lessons. Ask to learn all of your lessons from a place of connection, consciousness, joy, and celebration. Releasing the need to learn your lessons, and accomplish your soul tasks from a place of drama, trauma, and pain. Moving into unity consciousness in a gentle, graceful, joyful way.
  • Use your free will and choice to be in healthy relationships. Use discernment to determine when a relationship is abusive. If the other person in the relationship is unwilling to be in a healthier state within themselves, has promised to change and has not taken active steps, or does not take personal responsibility for themselves and their choices, contact people, friends, counselors, allies, that will support you in finding an appropriate, healthy solution, that supports the greatest happiness, and health for all parties involved. There are always solutions, we just have to seek them out within ourselves and those that surround us in love.
  • Be of service in your life. Do what you love, love what you do. If you are not currently in this flow, ask your higher self, the angelic realm of love to guide you gently into that flow. That flow that supports your greatest happiness and your highest potential. Ask that you hold the vibration of your souls purpose. As you hold these intentions within you, the universe will begin to support you in the vibration you hold. Perhaps slowly at first, perhaps very quickly. Imagine everyday that somewhere within the wisdom of your energy bodies, your higher self you are holding the vibration of your souls purpose that is held in service, in love, in light, expressing this vibration as long as you so consciously choose in your physical body, in this physical dimension – through all its shifts and changes.
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August 2005 Messages from those in the Sea

August 2005
They come to me as I paddle out into the depths of the ocean. Today they are fishing with just a little play. Their energy is more of concern than play. They tell me about the grids realigning themselves. They mention the earth quake up north that may be soon be, too soon to tell. They tell me to relax my DNA and aligning it into the stream of my essence. They are preparing me for the shift that is eminent within us all. This shift is something that happens to each one of us in the most subtle way, for it happens everyday, in every breath we are awakening ourselves. This shift will not happen overnight for everyone, it will be as subtle as the change in tide. The moon does not become full overnight it happens slowly over time. As they say this I look up at the sky and see an almost full moon, and I smile. I feel them again around me now and I offer up to them my voice, my fingers, this keyboard, and I can feel them begin.
We come from the depths of the all knowing world. From the sea we live, from the sea we are born. We find our way in the depths of the sea by feeling into our hearts and knowing we are connected to all that will ever be. We open our hearts to you who are in pain and we have compassion for the ways in which you have learned. Be still for just a moment as you feel into the darkness of your soul for in this journey inward you will know the world as whole.
There is a moment in each moment where you can find your soul. The moment you are looking for has arrived. There is no more waiting, there is no more time, take the moments of yearning and press them all inside. Go into the urgency, go into the fear and know that in these places you are here. Let go of the turmoil, the pain in your heart, it has served you up until this very part. Part with it now and embrace the light for never again will you feel the separation from your soul.
We come to you know from the depths of all knowing, embracing your hearts and all of its yearning. Take a few deep breaths and see the paths of change, celebrate the shift and all that you have gained. We take you now on a journey inside. Close your eyes.
It is from the depths of the water that we speak to you now where all of the hearts are merged in the now. Feel into your soul, feel into your heart. Feel into the places that have broken apart. Show us where you still hold your pain and we swim with our love, our light weaving it whole again. Allow yourself to feel, let yourself be free from of the bondage, all of the shoulds, all of the memories that are not as they seem. We go into the places the darkness in your soul and we bring you the light, the lightness of your soul. We wrap you in fibers of delight shifting all patterns into the light.
Let it be so. Know you are one, know you are whole.

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