A Journey from Source

We wander from the source of the divine – each lifetime tracking our way back home.  In this time we ask for all of you to gather yourselves together and remember the way home while staying in the physical form.  As you map your way back home while staying in the density of this form you allow for a stronger connection in the physical dimension.  Linking the world of this density into a higher order, a higher realm.  As we shift into this higher realm the possibilities for expanding our reality in a state of connection becomes endless.  The capability for us to serve while in the physical form expands beyond the time space continuum.  It becomes an infinite possibility to shift all worlds into a greater state of connection, expression, in love, light, joy and delight. 
All energies yearn for a greater state of connection and expression in this universe.  Way back when the source of this universe expressed itself in a big bang – the energies expressed had vibrations of connection, with a desire to expand beyond all that had ever been known.  As each molecule of energy that was released from the core of the divine, a magnetic vibration was encoded in all of these energies.  The source holds one magnetic frequency and all that is not in the core of source had a magnetic attraction back to the source, as we evolve and shift some energies turn upside down so to speak repelling them from source.  As we evolve we the power of this magnetic attraction and with our thought intention we can shift the direction of our magnetic attraction back to source.  Those who are repealed by source, divine love, simply have a magnetic flip in their soul.  As those of us who have figured this out we can assist others in shifting their magnetic attraction back to source.   The vibrations of the divine source released themselves all vibration we.  In the expression of these energies magnets bonded to other energies opposite itself.  When this occurred the way back became obscured.  As source evolves and grows stronger expressing itself into the far reaches of it ream the energies that were obscured feel the pull of source and attempt to release the energies that are other than itself.  As we release energies that do not have the same magnetic pull we bring ourselves back into alignment bonding with other frequencies of connection.  As we merge into the state of oneness with other frequencies of connection we begin to get a stronger sense of ourselves.  The clarity that comes when we find ourselves in the magnetic frequency of vibrations that are ourselves shifts our capability of expressing the divine into higher realms.  The joy of the expression of the divine leads us to assist other in connecting to vibrations that are like themselves shifting them into a greater resonance a capability of expressing and expanding upon their divine source.  The infinite expression of millions divine lines from trillions of sources all learning from the journey the mystery of the divine radiant light held within each divine line.  A universe in and of itself with endless possibilities.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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