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The Whales Voice

The ocean as it flows and caresses the skin of the earth, we feel the weight of the water, how she spins and the pull of the weight, the movement of the earth, shifts with the cycles of the moon. … Continue reading

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The Power of Sound

By the regular use of a particular sound or sequence of sounds, the body can obtain mental, emotional, and physiological changes. A mantra sung, spoken or hummed regularly will induce a change in the human body. Harmonious music actually assists … Continue reading

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The Reflection

We propel ourselves through space and back in time. A silent calm in the spaces in between my heart and all that is. A planet in chaos and calm all at the same time. How to be in this time? … Continue reading

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Cetacean Words

Taking things personally simply allows for an inflation of a false self – be it positive or negative.This false self is what people call the ego. When we take things personally it empowers this energy which ends up taking energy … Continue reading

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Dolphins off the Coast of Santa Barbara

“And so it begins and so it is. Hello, to the ones who journey. We have come in peace to spread the peace. We deliver the messages that so many hearts hunger to hear. The message of love in the … Continue reading

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Dolphin Dialogue One

We swim spinning all chakras to clear the field. We emit the sounds of love from our hearts and we squeal. The distance between us is so very small in these moments of bliss that we share. When the water … Continue reading

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Living Moment to Moment

Spoken by The Guides written by the hand of Aleya Dao (This transmission has holds energetic activations, enabling these energies to activate in your field if you intend). There comes a time in ones life where all that has been … Continue reading

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Steps for Healing Issues

Before you begin any process call upon the Ascended Masters for their assistance and guidance. Step One: Take a deep breath. Identify and or locate the issue by tuning into the emotion that is arising or the pain your body … Continue reading

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What is Happening on Earth Right Now

The ringing in my ears reminds me the angles are wanting a word with me. I turn my awareness into the other worlds and open my heart waiting, watching feeling for the energies, information, and transmissions they are intending to … Continue reading

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Between the Spaces – Words from the Angelic Realm

We come to you in dream time, from the spaces in between your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams. In this space where all is light, all is love, we whisper to you the ways to shift gently and let go … Continue reading

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Aleya’s Suggestions for Life on Earth

Suggestions from Aleya for Living a Healthy Happy Life When you wake in the morning think of one quality you wish to practice and eventually master. Ask that you are placed in a sacred geometric shape that supports that quality … Continue reading

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August 2005 Messages from those in the Sea

August 2005They come to me as I paddle out into the depths of the ocean. Today they are fishing with just a little play. Their energy is more of concern than play. They tell me about the grids realigning themselves. … Continue reading

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