Surf Your Emotions To Higher Ground

Good Morning. There is a cleaning out the closets kind of feeling in the air today. Emotions may rise up to the surface, and if they do surf them to higher ground. Emotions are energy in motion. If we allow them to pass through us they can literally assist or cells in moving into a higher consciousness. In order for this to occur we must let them flow up and then out. Dive in when they come and surf them to access the vibration you are intending.

If this meditation does not resonate for you today save it in the event that you get a energy in motion wave in the future.

We do the opposite of that which we are intending on mastering until we move to a certain level of awareness. Check out the Flip It Sheet to determine what it is you are intending on mastering.

Breathe into the present.

Ground to the heart of Source and to the heart of Earth.

Think of one emotion that challenges you.

Perceive this emotion like a wave. This wave has the capacity to move through you and move you to higher ground.

Bring in a mechanism that enables you to surf emotions and use those emotions as mechanisms for access higher states of consciousness.

Tone the tone HUUU which helps you increase your vibration and allows the energy to pass through you and shift your cellular consciousness into a more coherent state.

May you surf your energy in motion with grace, awareness, and ease.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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