Why We Need Bondaries

  • You have an energy field around you.
  • Only your energy should be in your own energetic field.
  • Own your own energetic space and fill it with your own gifts to hold greater protection, integrity, and empowerment.
  • Model right energy to others in your own field.

We are currently living in the form of a human body. Our human body is surrounded by energetic fields. Click here to learn more about the energy fields. Every individual has their own energetic field. Within that field of energy we hold all of our tasks, lessons, gifts, wisdom, mastery, belief systems, and blueprints. It is like a super computer. As we move through our life our energetic fields act like little sponges and have the capacity to pick up energy (information) that can serve us and not serve us. As we evolve we become more conscious of our energetic fields and how to work with them. We are currently living in a world that is energetically unconscious. This leads to many challenges because so many people are not aware of what their energy fields are doing. How often have you connected with someone and they say one thing but then do another. When we are not conscious of our energetic fields we do the exact same thing, our head wants one thing but our energetic fields do another. We want to lose weight but we keep eating cookies. We are in internal conflict. When our energetic fields and our intentions are in alignment then we are capable of doing that which we intend.
The way in which I work with my energetic fields is to have them connect with my higher self (I simply ask for this to happen). (Listen to the meditation for connection to your higher self). My higher self is an aspect of me that knows how to work with my energetic fields. What I hold within my energetic fields is what shows up in the physical dimension. If I want to lose weight I first ask my higher self to bring that intention into my energetic fields. Once it is in my fields I can then follow through with my intentions in the physical dimension.
Why we want only our own energy in our energetic fields.
We each have our own body and like our own bodies we each have our own energetic fields. We only want one soul in a body at a time in order to avoid mass confusion. (There are exceptions…healing, channeling, ect..) Just as we only want one soul in a body at a time, we only want one souls consciousness in ones energetic fields at a time.
When we do not hold appropriate boundaries, i.e. honoring our own energetic space we will then pick up other peoples energies, their tasks, their belief systems, their lessons, karma, ect… We have now very quickly moved into unhealthy territory that I call fusing and co-dependence, instead of being in energetic integrity, holding divine bondaries, and a being in a co-creative relationship.

  • We can only work on our own pieces, tasks, lessons.
  • We cannot learn other peoples lessons for them. We cannot work out other peoples karma within ourselves. Many people try but it does not work.
  • Do not take other people energy / task / lessons away from them. They are using these energies in their life to learn a lesson.
  • The best thing you can do is to model right energy to them.
  • Send them energetic information from your higher self to theirs. Their higher self receives that information and brings it down to themselves in their own unique way.
  • Refer to my blog on empathic sensativity.

When we hold an appropriate bondary we then own our own pieces / tasks / lessons / karma. We do not steal i.e. take on the tasks of others.

  1. We model right energy in our fields.
  2. We show people what to do by doing it ourselves.
  3. We hold our own gifts in our own fields and show others how to locate their own gifts as we do it for ourselves.

Listen to the meditation receiving your own gifts. Or go to this link and scroll down the page until you find the meditation receive your own gifts.
When we hold our own gifts in our own field it is the best mechanism for protection and it prevents us from slipping into spiritual arrogance. People who are arrogant place all of their gifts on others and then ask others to validate them and approve of them instead of them feeling and using their gifts for themselves and showing others how to do the same.
There is a natural energetic bondary around each indvidual, just like we have a natural bondary to our physical human form. We want to honor our own natural energtic bondary so we have the capacity to honor the bondaries of others and not fuse, control, or dribble our stuff all over the place. Hold your energetic container and honor it as sacred. As you honor your own sacred space others will have the capacity to honor you.
When we feel irritated that is one indicator that our bondaries have been crossed. It is our job to honor our own bondary so others will as well. Our internal reality creates our external world.
Receive information from others and the Guides from your higher self. Your higher self calibrates the information in away in which you have the capacity to receive it in a balanced empowering way.

Listen to more guided meditations to help increase energtic consciousness.
You can also sign up for guided daily meditations with Aleya to assist you in staying balanced and clear.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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