How to Deal with Empathic Sensitivity

1) Hold discernment that the energy you are feeling is not yours.

2) Invite your higher self to relay all relevant and appropriate information to whomever you are feeling. (You do not need to know what this information is or who it is that you are feeling. Your higher self knows).
3) Release all responsibilities for fixing this person.
4) Model right energy in your field.
Example: If you feel someone’s irritation move into a place of peace within yourself.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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1 Response to How to Deal with Empathic Sensitivity

  1. Thank you for sharing on this topic. I’d love to share some quick user friendly tools as well. In my energy healing practice, I find even these simple techniques allow people to hold so much of their soul energy in their bodies. This allows more self awareness and learning from the energies of experience, raising their conscious awareness. It is an important part of our growing consciousness to create and radiate healthy energetic boundaries. W are each responsible to know both oneness and differentiated individuality. To balance higher sensory perception, we must integrate it throughout our system through as many levels as we can. Ideally all the way through the physical level. To hold a healthy boundary and integrate the energy you are perceiving, aim to be as fully present in all your levels. You can practice being equally present in all your chakras, and levels of your energy field in mediation and in life. It’s also great to have your own way of quickly achieving that state of full presence. (When you are home, you decide what you let in and out.) To be fully home and feel safe and secure no matter what, you must be in your first chakra and in the vertical tube (your main channel/central axis that runs up the center of you head to toe). Everyone benefits from knowing his/her own way of staying there and getting there in a pinch. Here are some on the spot techniques to use in the moment, when you feel an energy trigger or effected by environmental energies, etc. It’s easier for most people to practice in meditation and then apply these in other situations. Play with the ones you are drawn to and develop your own way. 1. Drop into your root. As if an elevator, drop your awareness, down your central tube, past your feet and deep into the earth. Drop further. To take this further,Link into the earth grid for stability, Feel Earth’s energy coming up to support you.2. Drop into a cell. As if your whole energy field is one of your cells around you, sense the substance, the structures, the outer boundary cell wall, and in the center, the nucleus. As you fill one cell with your essence, all are filled. You are more present as your highest self to be in any environment. 3. Turn yourself blue. Imagine your energy field, the egg shaped sphere around you. Let it turn saphire blue. From your core vertical tube, all the way to the outer edge. This is the energy frequency of pure safety. Feel your presence and the additional safety in your field. 4. Tune up your boundary. Take your awareness out to the edge of your own energy field. From ahead to toe line in front of you sweep in clockwise circular motion. Feel the golden radiance and buzzing forcefield of your boundary. If you have time and notice weak areas, spend more time there. Have fun enjoying and amplifying your own presence and awareness!

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