What is Happening on Earth Right Now

The ringing in my ears reminds me the angles are wanting a word with me. I turn my awareness into the other worlds and open my heart waiting, watching feeling for the energies, information, and transmissions they are intending to relay to me.
These are the words I hear.
In the stillness lies a breath that has the power to awaken the sleepiest soul. We are in a time when all will awaken. There are no souls upon this Earth who at a core level do not choose this awakening, that is why they have come. The struggle, pain, and suffering that are appearing in this world is a clearing, a detoxification that is needed, and it is time. The end of the calendar that the Mayans and many others have spoken of is simple an end of one cycle and the beginning of a new. The North Pole is beginning to energetically shift and energetically align with a planet that governs peace and harmony. For the last 168 thousand years the North Pole has been energetically aligned with a planet has governed war and chaos. The year 2021 is when the alignment with this planet of peace will complete. The Earth and all beings on the Earth are currently experiencing a shift in their consciousness. As we complete one cycle we let go of an old way of perceiving and being. We shift from one consciousness that supports belief systems of lack and separation into a consciousness of connection, balance, and abundance. This shift can be uncomfortable for those who are very attached to these old energies. It can create a tremendous amount of discomfort and disorientation. The structures that have been supported by these old energies are now literally crumbling and collapsing. This crumbling of the old enables the rise of new support structures that are grounded in a higher consciousness and more connected belief systems. The way of the mind and unconsciousness is ending. When we perceive suffering shift your eyes and heart and ask, the question “What at a soul level is being learned”? Each one of use creates and chooses the reality that will help us with the souls piece we are determined to master. None of us are victims, we may play that role to master empowerment but we all call in our lessons. At a soul level we are determined to master certain pieces in our incarnation. We will do whatever it takes to master it. If we do not get the lesson with the first whisper we have another opportunity with a nudge, each time the situation arises our soul is presented with an opportunity to grow. If we choose to ignore or resist this lesson the lesson gets bigger and bigger, typically it becomes more and more uncomfortable. As we come to the end of this cycle there are certain lessons we must master before our soul moves into the next level of consciousness. The lessons come faster and harder. Without tools this can become very uncomfortable, sometimes deadly. If you find yourself in a life with more opportunities for growth than you have tools for it may be time to gather a new set of tools. The tools I work with may help you master your lessons with greater grace and ease. They will help you grow and evolve consciously instead of unconsciously.

Here are seven principles that will help you bring in belief systems that will help you shift from one consciousness into a higher consciousness.
1) You are never alone. There are beings in other dimensions surrounding you. They are called your “Team”. They can help you, they can hinder you. Connect with your team.
2) Your internal reality and the dimensional consciousness that surrounds you, creates your external reality. What you call into your life is help within you, or within the energies in the other dimensions that surround you. Learn how to shift the energies in the other dimensions and within yourself in order to change that which is appearing in your life.
3) You are responsible for your position in the physical dimension. You have the power to move all energies in the other dimensions into more coherent states. As you make these requests for the energies in the other dimensions to shift the physical dimension moves into a more coherent state.
4) We are moving into unity consciousness. We are moving from a consciousness that is dualistic, good versus bad, into a consciousness that perceives that everything is just energy. All moments of conflict and challenge are actually opportunities to embrace an energy, learn from it, grow from it, and evolve into a more conscious being.
5) We are electrical and magnetic beings and we are influenced by the electromagnetic energy on this planet.
6) Sharing accelerates your spiritual evolution.
7) You are perfect. Your essence is perfect.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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