The Power of Sound

By the regular use of a particular sound or sequence of sounds, the body can obtain mental, emotional, and physiological changes. A mantra sung, spoken or hummed regularly will induce a change in the human body. Harmonious music actually assists in rearranging the electronic substance of our body that has been distorted through negative thoughts, words, feelings and actions. It brings our four lower bodies into alignment and at the same time expands the harmony of the entire universe. Playing harmonious music daily will raise the vibrations in our homes, therapy rooms, or any environment.
Sound has been used in many cultures to change and move energies. For example, Mayan balls can clear an aura. When shaken next to a part of the body where energy is blocked, the balls do not sound, but continue to shake the balls and it moves the energy. Chinese balls also can move energy within the body.
Temple bells are used to encourage the focus of energies on spiritual matters. Music can heal, but remember, many illnesses bring a message of spiritual growth. Once that has been accepted and understood. the illness can disappear.
All the various music instruments affect us differently. For example, drums, gongs, tambourines, and triangle, affect the lower chakras and the physical body. In the past, soldiers marched to war behind beating drums. The noise of the drums gave them courage. Stringed instruments, such as violins, cellos, and harps calm the emotions and wind instruments, affect the emotional body. Organ music brings in the Angelic forces. Great music can change habits and release childhood memories. Some of the music today is often in the key of F and can produce a sense of harmony and relaxation. However, inharmonious music, actually shatters the pole of the matrix of electrons and causes negative reactions, both to our bodies and in our environment.
Rock music is known to stir up the lower astral, affects the ear drums, and pituitary gland, and when used together with drugs can make people disoriented and ill–at the same time breaking up the etheric envelope which protects the physical body.
Everything created, from the smallest cell to the solar system, has a keynote of its own. The planets, including our earth has its own sound. We each have our own sound as well, and there are a few people who can tune into this sound, but it carries a great responsibility. The Ancient Egyptians were said to work on an individual s notes to re-harmonize them and create a melody of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Beings who are highly evolved speak of the Harmony of the Spheres, an experience they find hard to describe, except that it is of such beauty and wonder. The Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov spoke of it in awe. He called it the Music of the Spheres.
When we sing certain sounds with a particular color focused over a chakra center, the energy within and around us changes. The body starts to resonate on a higher vibration, but that depends on your intent and concentration. Over a period of time, noticeable changes will take place. You will have more energy and a heightened intuition, but it must be practiced regularly.
These methods have been handed down through the ages. In Tibet the monks in the past practiced these methods and found them most effective for their spiritual development.
Base (First) Chakra
KEY of C
Color Red
Sound LAM
Think of a beautiful, clear red. This links with the base chakra. Feel this color swirling in and through you, and sing LAM in the key of C. Think of the earth–how it nourishes and feeds you. This color with the sound dissolves fears, and gives you courage, strength and energy.

Sacral (Second) Chakra
KEY of D
Color Orange
Sound Vam
Think of a lovely, bright orange and link this to your sacral center. Feel yourself become energized and feeling full of vitality, sing VAM. Now think of your relationships, release any sexual frustration, or specific trauma into the sound, release any resentments, ask the forces of light to protect you and open you to your creativity.

Solar Plexus (Third Chakra)
KEY of E
Color Yellow
Chakra Sound Ram
Surround yourself in a glorious golden yellow and place your attention over the solar plexus, Sing RAM. This center is your power center. Ask the inner power to balance your will and feelings. Release any suffering into the color and sound. Any long-standing pain, feel it go. They are only energies we have hung onto -anger and unforgiveness. Let the past melt into the light as you sing RAM.

Heart Chakra (Fifth)
KEY of F
Color Green
Sound YAM or Ahha
This center is linked to the Soul. When we direct our energies to the lower centers when we fall in love we become unbalanced. When we direct them to the higher centers, we rise in love, become devoid of judgment and guilt, and love is unconditional. Sing YAM with the color green and strengthen the immune system. You will realize that the more you give, the more you receive. Feel the energies strengthen the whole body and open the mind to joy.

Throat Chakra (Fifth)
KEY of G
Color Blue
Sound HAM
This is the center of sound. When this center is congested one can suffer from a sore throat, stiff neck, or ear problems. Think of blue and sing the sound of Ham. Ask for help to express what you really feel, so that words flow easily and you feel all tension leave.

Brow Chakra (Third Eye, Sixth)
KEY of A
Color Indigo
Sound OM
Sing OM with the color of indigo. This is a dark blue with violet undertones. Breathe in your vision–use it wisely–for what we visualize with sound and color in this key will manifest. You are the creator of your circumstances.

Crown Chakra (Seventh)
KEY of B
Color Violet or White
Sound Aum or EEEE
This center vibrates to the key of B with the color violet. The sound and elements within your being vibrates to the sound of AM. Know your essence is within you.

Written by an unknown individual.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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1 Response to The Power of Sound

  1. Suzy says:

    Hi there,
    i found this topic extremely interesting as i too believe in the power of musical tones affecting the self creating a harmonious relationship with universal energy. I have a ”singing bowl” which resonates with my soul to the point where it sometimes comes into my dreams. When this occurs i know i am being healed from within and cleansed without. It really is a magical experience.
    Thankyou for your post, it really does have a lovely ring to it for me because music has always played a large part in my life, moods and situations. The one thing i wish i had kept up with is my piano lessons from being a child but now i use radio waves and cd’s.

    I stumbled upon your website and happy i browsed. Will certainly visit again.
    Peace to you,
    verdana 🙂

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