Steps for Healing Issues

Before you begin any process call upon the Ascended Masters for their assistance and guidance.

  • Step One: Take a deep breath. Identify and or locate the issue by tuning into the emotion that is arising or the pain your body is experiencing.
  • Step Two: Ask for an opening in the energy field of all the pain or emotion that has come into your consciousness and is now ready to be cleared. Example – ask for an opening in the energy fields of your low back, or all of the fear you are experiencing. By asking for an opening in the energy fields of an issue it creates an opportunity to shift the energy into a higher frequency (a higher degree of consciousness).
  • Step Three: Once you have identified this energy ask a question and allow yourself to feel, sense, or hear the first answer you get. Ask the question “Is this energy, pain emotion mine or someone else’s?” What is your first hit? Someone else’s – Ask that it be lifted off of your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies,and returned back to it’s right and perfect place. If your sense is that it is yours follow Step Four.
  • Step Four: Clearing an Issue that is yours. This energy, pain or emotion has presented itself in your life or in your body in order to teach you a spiritual lesson. The task now is to discover what that lesson may be. Remember that if an issue, pain, or emotion does not clear it may not belong to you. You may be caring a parents, lovers, partners, friends issue in your energy body, you cannot clear or heal something that is not yours. Ask that it be sent back, call upon the angelic realm to assist you in lifting it off of you and your team. If it still does not clear check to see if you have made an agreement to carry this persons lessons, task, pain. If that is the case we suggest that you take a moment to check an see if this serves you or them. When we carry other peoples issues we disempower them. We are literally energetically stealing their energy, their lessons, their pain. People will create difficult situations in their life in order to learn different spiritual lessons, complete karmic agreements, and soul tasks. Give it back to them. It does not belong to you and you cannot fix what is not yours. It will only make you sick and make them angry – because you are taking something that belongs to them. If this agreement or pattern can shift with your thought intention by calling upon the Lords of Karma, your higher self, the higher self of the person you have a contract with. Imagining all of the energies present ask that all agreements, contracts, and or Karma of caring the lessons, pain, or tasks of another now be released off of you and your teams, physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies form all incarnations, in all dimensions. Ask to now be only responsible for your own spiritual lessons, karma, and tasks, no one else’s. Ask that your team only be responsible for their own tasks, lessons, and karma. After you have cleared this agreement, check the issue, emotion, or pain, and see if it has shifted a bit or is it the same. If it is the same we need to continue probing for the root of the issue, if it is gone – good job you are done until the next layer arises, if it is a little better but not gone, continue to the next step.
  • Step Five: If you are experiencing physical pain allow yourself to enter into the pain go deep down into the center of it and breathe. Ask for the emotion that is being held in the pain to come up to the surface, sit in stillness, waiting with a patient heart until the first emotion arises. When that emotion comes up sit with it and allow it to flow through you like a wave. Emotions are energy in motion, allow it to move through you and ask for your emotional body to calibrate into a place of balance as this wave of energy passes through. If the emotion is grief ask yourself the following questions; what is the grief around? wait for the response that lies deep inside you. Example: I have grief/sadness in my lungs. (manifesting as a cough, and cold) “What is the grief around?” Listen for your first sense of what it is. “I feel like no one understands me.” The response, and if no one understands you check to see if you understand yourself, or ask the question “how does that make you feel?” Response; “Alone.” Question: “If you are alone, how does that make you feel?” Lonely and sad, no one loves me, no one cares enough or loves me enough to understand me.” At this point you now have the spiritual lesson you have been looking for. Ask the question, “what is the opposite of being unloved?” Answer, “Being loved.” The spiritual lesson has been brought in and the grief has lead us to the place where we are asking ourselves to love ourselves more deeply. With that clarity ask for the appropriate sacred geometric healing chambers of light to come in, in the appropriate order holding the intention of activating the crystalline consciousness mastery over the divine flow of unconditional self love. Ask for your receptor sites to calibrate to receive you own unconditional self love from above. Imagine standing in a waterfall of light and love that comes from your higher self and from yourself that resides in the heart of Source. Allow this energy to flow into you and ask that all of your grids and reference points be updated holding this conscious level of Mastery within yourself.
  • Now check the emotion/pain/issues and observe the shifts and changes that have occurred with in and around you.
  • Step Six: Ask that you be wrapped in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate for your spiritual evolutionary state. Thank your team, the guides, and your higher self. Let it be so.
  • All physical and emotional pain is a spiritual lesson waiting to happen.
  • We do the opposite of what it is we are attempting to learn or Master.
  • Follow your fear, your pain, into the spiritual lesson. Allow your fears to guide you into the lesson. (The spiritual lessons are underlined)
  • Example: I am afraid I will get sick. If I get sick what is the worse case scenario? I will have to slow down. I will have to surrender. I will have to take care of myself. Unconditional self love. I will have to be still. Be present. I will have to be present with myself. I am afraid of being present with myself. What is it that I am afraid of seeing? I am afraid I will see how powerful I really am and I have been hiding behind the walls of weakness so I never have to step into my power. Empowerment. What is it that I am afraid of if I step into my power? I am afraid I will fail? Do I feel like I am already failing? Yes. Is it that I am afraid to succeed because I do not know how that will feel? Is it that I am afraid of the unknown? Yes. Faith, trust, and knowing that I will be taken care of.
  • Solution: With that clarity ask for the appropriate sacred geometric healing chambers of light to come in, in the appropriate order holding the intention of activating the crystalline consciousness mastery over the Surrender, unconditional self love, mastery over being present, personal divine empowerment, divine faith and trust in the divine. Ask for Mastery allowing for all reference points, grids, and relationships to align and calibrate for this Mastery. Let it be so.
  • I have now activated the spiritual lessons and therefore my fear of being sick dissolves, my magnetic attraction to call in this sickness releases. I practice what it is I wish to Master as opposed to doing the opposite of what it is I wish to Master.
  • Allow your imagination to guide you into all the spaces where the spiritual lessons lie waiting to be activated, cleared, and shifted into enlightenment. (The conscious awareness of connection.)

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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