Living Moment to Moment

Spoken by The Guides written by the hand of Aleya Dao

(This transmission has holds energetic activations, enabling these energies to activate in your field if you intend).

There comes a time in ones life where all that has been sought after no longer holds any meaning. At that moment the soul has a choice to continue on the path of seeking and finding no fulfillment in empty things or to choose a path of meaning and strength. If a soul chooses the path of meaning and inner strength all doors open and grace is entered into. Finding a path of meaning cannot be found using the mind, it must be found thru the eyes of the heart. To find the path of the heart one must surrender all that one knows and walk into the unknown with an open heart and trust. Letting go of all the fears of the small mind. When the soul chooses this door a path appears and the only thing that is “known” is the step one is taking. One must stay in the present moment, for if one jumps ahead just half a step the path becomes unclear. In this moment-by-moment existence trust is built within oneself, an inner strength and inner knowing grows.
Allow the ears to open to the wise energies that are abound and guidance is given for the moment at hand. When questions arise send them to the energies within yourself that “know” and allow the clarity to appear from the higher realms. In this moment simply turn your ears to a higher vibratory sound as if turning the dial on your radio station to your “soul station”. As you turn your ears to this other worldly sound, lightness may wash over you, a heart opening may be sensed in this very moment, stillness may begin to grow within you. Hold your intent to listen to your Guides, and to the Divine aspect of your soul. Allow for a transmission of information to occur. This information will not hold words but a sense invisible to the mind. As you allow this sense to flow within and around you, place all the questions and struggles that imprison you into this flow. Let the flow of energy that wraps around you take these energies into another realm where the solutions can form and come back to you with clear solutions that guide from a place of integrity wisdom, abundance and joy. Your clearest answers lie inside your heart. Creating a place of stillness so you can hear these simple yet profound answers is essential. To still the heart follow your breath for just a few moments, notice the rise and fall of the shoulders and the belly. Feel the air as it passes through your nose, your mouth, and your throat. Ask that all the sounds of the world silence so you can hear the sound of your soul as it emanates from your core. In between the breath your soul breathes the answers that your heart yearns for.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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