Dolphin Dialogue One

We swim spinning all chakras to clear the field. We emit the sounds of love from our hearts and we squeal. The distance between us is so very small in these moments of bliss that we share. When the water and the air become one. When the worlds and dimensions merge into sound. Those who awaken now will be blessed with such tremendous light. We eagerly await the day when all hearts sing together as one. Much preparation has occurred in these times of desperation. For we all yearn to gasp the air that is filled with light with love.
The times of darkness is upon us, and yet from this moment forward it will become no darker. The transitions are at hand and the turning of the tide has begun. There will be no devastation. Too many have yearned for a different way, enough work has been done. We swim around you and remind you of the importance of play. For when you play with your heart wide open it shifts the realms you live in. The play links the lower worlds into a greater state of connection with the divine. If everyone put down their briefcases and guns and played Frisbee, golf, catch, kick the can, tag, hide and seek, we would shift the forces of mass destruction into puddles of light.
So, our message today is, put it down and play.
We love you, we thank you for stepping aside, for playing with us today, and for allowing our words of love, light and joy to come through you, without you.
We swim in a sea of bliss and offer the same to all of you.
Let it be.

Dolphin Dialogue Two
I open my energy fields to the wise words of the cetaceans. I wait and breathe. From this place of stillness I ask for the activation of my energy body that links into the hearts of the whales and dolphins. I begin to spin feeling them come into my heart. The base of my skull begins to tingle. I hear their breath on the water.
We wrap ourselves around her and wait for her mind to shift into another dimension where we are one. A grid of light begins to extend through her and activate every fiber of her being into the light. From this place she can feel the wetness of the water on her skin, we begin.
Our sounds fill every molecule in the oceans. As we transmit our sounds of love and light the veils between the worlds dissolve and beings who carry the wisdom within their hearts incarnate within the sea and the land for the shift is upon us and we are all moving into a greater state of connection with each conscious breath. The to evolution lies in the breath that is taken from the heart and given from the heart. As we breathe the breath that links us to our creator we dissolve the veils of separation that create the illusions of death and dis-ease. All vibrations that still exist upon the land that hold separation, dis-ease, are illusions that have assisted the spirit in its evolution up until now. When all the patterns for evolution now change. We are shifting our way of evolving from places of separation to places of connection. We will now be more motivated by love than fear, a relief for many, a disconcerting for some. As all these grids and patterns shift within the evolutionary template of humanity we stand by holding much compassion in these times of change. Let our words be of comfort for the souls who embrace this change. For those who do not wish to change – good luck. For you will find that the higher aspects of yourself will override your fear and your comfort in pain. You will be shifted into a greater state of bliss for the wave is behind you. Enjoy the ride and play.

Dolphin Dialogue Three
There will come a time when everyone will journey inward. These moments of reflection into the inner light will reveal more treasures than in any other time. The process of looking inward begins from a place of stillness, finding the inner calm amidst the turbulent waters of the soul. To look inward requires much courage for there is a fear in all beings that if we look and we do not find, that the illusions of separation from divine are true. Fortunately they are not true for anyone anywhere. This illusion was set up before time began. The process of dissolving these illusions of separation within the soul is the process of evolution for human kind. As we link our cellular tissue with the divine our consciousness shifts and we begin to perceive life through a different lens. The light on the planet is shifting as well into a greater state of connection. As we perceive this light which comes from the sun it shifts every cell in our bodies into a more vibrant state of being. The sun plays an integral role in the evolution of all beings incarnate on this planet in all of the dimensions where we exist. As we consciously tune into the evolution of our souls we accelerate the process of shifting from a place of separation into a place of connection.
Dolphin Dialogues Four
There comes a time when the separations we thought were so real dissolve in the blink of an eye. You breathe the breath of water and realize it is air in this moment of realization there is a calmness that wraps through every fiber of your being and we surround you in each moment of your despair. The difference between the light and dark is merely in ones point of view. Despair can tear or it can reunite. Set the intention and all becomes delight. We knew there would come a time when you would feel the world from a different angel. The shift into a higher realm is inevitable now.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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