August 2005 Messages from those in the Sea

August 2005
They come to me as I paddle out into the depths of the ocean. Today they are fishing with just a little play. Their energy is more of concern than play. They tell me about the grids realigning themselves. They mention the earth quake up north that may be soon be, too soon to tell. They tell me to relax my DNA and aligning it into the stream of my essence. They are preparing me for the shift that is eminent within us all. This shift is something that happens to each one of us in the most subtle way, for it happens everyday, in every breath we are awakening ourselves. This shift will not happen overnight for everyone, it will be as subtle as the change in tide. The moon does not become full overnight it happens slowly over time. As they say this I look up at the sky and see an almost full moon, and I smile. I feel them again around me now and I offer up to them my voice, my fingers, this keyboard, and I can feel them begin.
We come from the depths of the all knowing world. From the sea we live, from the sea we are born. We find our way in the depths of the sea by feeling into our hearts and knowing we are connected to all that will ever be. We open our hearts to you who are in pain and we have compassion for the ways in which you have learned. Be still for just a moment as you feel into the darkness of your soul for in this journey inward you will know the world as whole.
There is a moment in each moment where you can find your soul. The moment you are looking for has arrived. There is no more waiting, there is no more time, take the moments of yearning and press them all inside. Go into the urgency, go into the fear and know that in these places you are here. Let go of the turmoil, the pain in your heart, it has served you up until this very part. Part with it now and embrace the light for never again will you feel the separation from your soul.
We come to you know from the depths of all knowing, embracing your hearts and all of its yearning. Take a few deep breaths and see the paths of change, celebrate the shift and all that you have gained. We take you now on a journey inside. Close your eyes.
It is from the depths of the water that we speak to you now where all of the hearts are merged in the now. Feel into your soul, feel into your heart. Feel into the places that have broken apart. Show us where you still hold your pain and we swim with our love, our light weaving it whole again. Allow yourself to feel, let yourself be free from of the bondage, all of the shoulds, all of the memories that are not as they seem. We go into the places the darkness in your soul and we bring you the light, the lightness of your soul. We wrap you in fibers of delight shifting all patterns into the light.
Let it be so. Know you are one, know you are whole.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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