Aleya’s Suggestions for Life on Earth

Suggestions from Aleya for Living a Healthy Happy Life

  • When you wake in the morning think of one quality you wish to practice and eventually master. Ask that you are placed in a sacred geometric shape that supports that quality and as you go through your day allow yourself to be aware of opportunities that allow you to show up and practice what it is you wish to Master. Example: I wish to practice compassion. I ask that I am placed in the sacred geometric shape that support this vibration. As I shower I begin by practicing compassionate thoughts towards myself, and if I notice a thought that is not compassionate or kind I replace it with a positive one. Hold an intention at the beginning of everyday.
  • Spend a few moments everyday connecting with Nature. (If you are surrounded by concrete connect with a plant, an animal, or allow yourself to connect with the sky, and the spirits in the clouds.
  • Drink clean / filtered water. (32oz. for every 50 pounds of body weight a day.) Add 24oz. for every cup of coffee or shot of espresso.
  • Eat clean, unprocessed food. Only drink 4oz. of liquid with each meal.
  • Use discernment with or if possible avoid Television. When we watch T. V. our energy bodies become congested, or third eye distorted, and our reference points flipped. If you do choose to watch T. V. I recommend a salt bath after to clean the field, meditation, toning, singing, a bit of time in nature, or aroma therapy to clear your field.
  • Take a moment every morning to be in gratitude for another day. Another day to have an opportunity to spiritually evolve in an amazingly rich terrain of spiritual lessons. Ask to learn all of your lessons from a place of connection, consciousness, joy, and celebration. Releasing the need to learn your lessons, and accomplish your soul tasks from a place of drama, trauma, and pain. Moving into unity consciousness in a gentle, graceful, joyful way.
  • Use your free will and choice to be in healthy relationships. Use discernment to determine when a relationship is abusive. If the other person in the relationship is unwilling to be in a healthier state within themselves, has promised to change and has not taken active steps, or does not take personal responsibility for themselves and their choices, contact people, friends, counselors, allies, that will support you in finding an appropriate, healthy solution, that supports the greatest happiness, and health for all parties involved. There are always solutions, we just have to seek them out within ourselves and those that surround us in love.
  • Be of service in your life. Do what you love, love what you do. If you are not currently in this flow, ask your higher self, the angelic realm of love to guide you gently into that flow. That flow that supports your greatest happiness and your highest potential. Ask that you hold the vibration of your souls purpose. As you hold these intentions within you, the universe will begin to support you in the vibration you hold. Perhaps slowly at first, perhaps very quickly. Imagine everyday that somewhere within the wisdom of your energy bodies, your higher self you are holding the vibration of your souls purpose that is held in service, in love, in light, expressing this vibration as long as you so consciously choose in your physical body, in this physical dimension – through all its shifts and changes.

About Aleya

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado. She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.
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